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Spanish colaborative project in early 1980s leaded by Victor Nubla and Enric Cervera.
Victor Nubla: clarinets, cornet, organ, paidophon, sinthesyzer, dulzaina, whistle, voice.
Enric Cervera: double bass, electric piano, whistle, sinthesyzer, percussion, voice.
the band:
Foguete: percussion, voice
Néstor Munt: trumpet, flugelhorn
Queca Hosta: voice
Albert Giménez: 6 & 12 string guitars
Oriol Pons de Vall: alto saxophone
Juan José Ordinas: guitar
Claudio Zulián: piano
spectral pianist: Conrad Setó

Members:Albert Giménez, Claudio Zulian, Conrad Setó, Eduard Altaba, Enric Cervera, Eugeni Vidal, Ezequiel Guillem, Foguete, Javier Figuerola, Joan Saura, Josep Palomas, Juan José Ordinas, Nestor Munt, Oriol Perucho, Oriol Ponsdevall, Queca Hosta, Victor Nubla, Zarita
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