Kaskade as reviewed by 2thestars

July 1, 2015
It starts promising in the early 2000's with some classic 12" cuts on Om Records and a few other indie labels. Deep and soulful house, San Francisco style, those were the days. A great debut album ('It's You, It's Me') in 2003 and follow up album ('In The Moment') in 2004. 2006 says goodbye to Om Records and over to Ultra Records, and the third album 'Love Mysterious' is pretty decent as well. The first single 'Be Still' - killer bassline. A hint of New Order. In 2008 we have a couple of tracks with 'Dead-Mouse', and Kaskade is clearly aiming for the charts here. It's the beginning of the end. 2008's 'Strobelite Seduction' album is the last time you will hear Kaskade's signature soulful sound, soon to be ditched in favour of a more commercial sound, used by everyone else in the dance music industry. Next up is 2010's disastrous 'Dynasty' album. It's very mainstream, very cheesy. There's no wonderful soulful vocal talents of Rob Wannamaker or Joslyn on here. No, we have none other than 'Polina' and 'Dragonette'. The official video for 'Fire In Your New Shoes' is laughable. 2011's 'Fire & Ice' album is just as bad. More mainstream nonsense and music that sounds nothing like Kaskade, co written by trendy Dubstep producer 'Skrillex'. The first single - 'Turn It Down' featuring 'Rebecca & Fiona'. Sorry who? Never heard of them. They can't sing. TURN IT OFF more like. And it doesn't get any better for 2013's 'Atmosphere' album either. The lead single 'Atmosphere' actually features Ryan Raddon himself attempting to sing. He comes in with the line 'All my life I've been a star'. Yes, OK, Mr. Popstar. At the time of writing, Kaskade has just released a remix of a Justin Bieber track and is currently one of the most popular 'EDM' artists in the world. It's all a bit hands in the air. Kaskade may well have achieved the commercial success he so desired, but his music has suffered greatly in the process.

Kaskade ijustspeak

January 9, 2015
Kaskade: once a San-Fran house producer of decent kaliber. Now; wack producer of disposable crap-EDM-festival rubbish.

Kaskade J_Oxapampa

March 28, 2018
Joey Youngman didn't produced EDM or shite music by my knowledge. But the problem with Youngman was that he released funky House tracks nearly every day or week, and his sound became very predictable and stale after a short while. Thanks to this guy, the whole US Funky house scene collapsed due to a lack of uncreativity and mediocre output by Youngman & etc. Lowdown, Nightshift, Tango, Amenti and lots of other labels that I forgot are out of business now. Only Guesthouse music of Dj Mes seems to survive together with the three godfathers Carter, Farina & Sneak..

Kaskade djwatson23

May 20, 2015
I guess you can ask joey youngman the same thing. I'm not trying to defend what they did because I agree, the music is forgettable and easily discarded but have you ever tried to make a decent living with house music? it's damn near impossible. People that dedicate their lives to not only a specific genre like house music but to be a paid musician find it very hard to stay in the house music game. Of course there are exceptions with a farina or sneak but that is such a small percentage. The big festivals play soul-less shit music. You dedicate your life to this music and you are barely making ends meet to pay the bills.
No disagreement with the bad music they now produce but I can see why they jumped.

Kaskade Osmiumfunk

March 24, 2015
What kind of traumatic brain injury must a person get to make this kind of forgettable pop electronic dance music? How can one change his style so radically from soulful and true house music to this EDM garbage? That money must feel real good I guess. I refuse to believe that people changing their musical style to worse and can easily sleep with that. If they do, I guess they've never been true hardcore househeads at all... makes me want to burn his old records I got.

Kaskade caio.ck1

July 13, 2014

Where is Kascade of 2003, 2004, 2006??? Could somebody tell me WHAT´S HAPPENING TO THE MUSIC NOW A DAYS ?????