Elio E Le Storie Tese


Italian band from Milan, founded by Stefano Belisari in 1980,
known for combining music of the most diverse genres (Rock, Pop, Latin, Jazz, Disco, etc.)
with explicit comical/demential lyrics, often bordering on nonsense.

During the 80's, after many line-up changes, the band begins to be known
in the underground scene in Milan, thanks to bootlegs recorded in clubs.
They release the first album only in 1989, when they finally found a label (Psycho Records (5))
which left them complete freedom of expression on lyrics and music.

EelST became nationally famous after performing at the Sanremo Festival in 1996,
finishing 2nd, but with great controversy (winners for the popular vote, but demoted by the jury of musical experts).

After almost 40 years of career, in 2017 they announced that they would disband, which definitively occurred after a farewell tour in 2018. , MySpace , Wikipedia
Aliases:Il Complesso Misterioso
Members:Christian Meyer (2), Cosma (5), Davide Civaschi, Fabio Gianvecchio, Mangoni, Nicola Fasani, Paolo Panigada, Sergio Conforti, Stefano Belisari
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