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Clubs, festivals, dark basements, back rooms, disco pubs and super-clubs, Richard has done it all, globally. His authenticity, experience and 30-year history in dance music, map out a unique story.

Richard’s DJ journey began in 1989, with a residency at the legendary Crazy Club at Busbys, and The Astoria in London. Rave culture, acid house and frequent trips to New York, visiting his heroes at Nu Groove and Strictly Rhythm, searching for Chicago obscurities and loft classics, gave Richard the house and disco music bug.

In 1993, he began working as a music buyer at the iconic London 2nd-hand record shop, Music & Video Exchange, in London. Since then, he has amassed a vast collection and is recognised as an elder statesman, an educator, and 1 of the leading experts of dance music in the world.

In 1997 he turned his talents to music production and recording. Has released many singles, albums and compilations under his own name, and the guises of Bronx Dogs (1997–2003), Padded Cell (2005–2012), and more recently Hackney Vandal Patrol (2018+). He has released singles on his own label Darkness Is Your Candle, and for like-minded labels Klasse Wrecks, Emotional Especial and Public Release.

Remix and production work has included respected artists and labels such as: Bryan Ferry, John Grant, LCD Soundsystem, Saint Etienne, Jungle Brothers, Sugarhill Gang, The Glimmers, Get Physical, Tirk, and Wall of Sound. Padded Cell’s Signal Failure single, was also chosen by Francois Kevorkian, to be used in the biggest selling video game of all time Grand Theft Auto 4. Their music was also used in the U.S. HBO comedy show Eastbound and Down.

Sen has played all over the world, including legendary clubs such as: Sabresonic, Blood Sugar and Haywire (Andrew Weatherall’s club nights during the 1990s and 2000s), Sign of the Times (UK 1990s), Heavenly Social (UK 1990s), Fabric (London), Sub Club (Glasgow), Robert Johnson (Germany), Air (Tokyo), D-Edge (Sao Paulo) and Cielo (NYC), and festivals including, Creamfields (UK), The Big Chill (UK), Pukkelpop (Belgium), 10 Days Off (Belgium), and Vibes on a Summer’s Day (Australia).

His mixes are highly researched and sourced, usually playing a mix of disco, old and new, dark and light, techy house, deep house, techno, classics, retro, synth-pop, electro, breakbeat, and the heavenly obscure, that he has become so known and enjoyed for. Richard is 1 of the heavyweights of the 2000-era golden years, between 1999–2003, and played many times on the influential and legendary Radio, between 2001–2002.

In 2023, rereleased classic tracks of the 1990–1994-era, on a vinyl and digital compilation called Dream The Dream (UK Techno, House and Breakbeat 1990–1994). This was a ground-breaking selection of obscure, early UK house music, widely regarded as the 1st retrospective of its kind. The promo video on Strut (2012), was listed in Beatport’s top 10 house documentaries of all time. Once again showcasing his meticulous wide-ranging knowledge, research and sourcing capabilities.

Richard remains passionate yet professional, with impeccable taste. In 2023, currently has a bi-monthly radio show for Charlie Bones’ station Do!!You!!! World!, that allows him to narrate his history, explore his vast collection, and introduce his eclectic taste, to a new generation.

‘Sporadic, wild and free, he has never been 1 to be tamed, placed in a box, and told how to play. From his youthful days spent painting the mean streets of London, through to his acid laden take on old school club music, he has amassed a reputation as 1 of the best in Britain’ (Richard Sen: The Ransom Note Mix, Ransom Note, 2018).

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In Groups:Bronx Dogs, Hackney Vandal Patrol, Padded Cell, Richard Sen & Cazbee
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