Juno Gang

Juno Gang

Real Name:
Stephan (Steve) Moser, Beat Burkhalter, Klaus Teuscher
Electronic band from the 80's out of Switzerland.

Beat and Steve (both born 1971) were friends since 1982 by the Youth Music Spiez. Beat had at home a conventional drum kit and Steve visited him because Beat's parents had a piano. Steve had been taught since childhood to play the piano by his Grandmother, and they both started jamming.

In 1986 Steve got (because of good grades in school) from his parents his first synthesizer, a Roland Alpha Juno-2 with a huge Yamaha amp. Starting to make his first Italo-disco music as well as cover versions of Savage, Fabian Nesti, Scotch and more.
At that time they had their first live appearances at local schools, and they were like little stars ... giving them a lot of attention by the girls.

In 1987 the Roland D-50 synthesizer came out, this synth was so extremely awesome, Steve wanted one since the D-50 made making music much more fun and easier due the editing features, at the same time Beat bought an used E-Drum by Tama. Now they finally had the set up they wanted for live pa's as they wanted to play their music 'live' and not using sequencers that much, adding a true feel to their music.
In the summer of 1987, a school friend of Beat, Klaus (born 1971) joined Juno Gang bringing his Roland D-50 so now they had 3 synths and the E-drum to play their first big gig on 14-11-1987 in Thun, Switserland for an audience of a 1000 people ... It was awesome!

There biggest wish was to put out an album wich resulted in the (cassette) album 'Disco Revolution' wich sold very well at their live pa's.

In the winter of 1988/1989 their 2nd record was released, a 7'' - 'Synthetica / Electric Ghost'.
Their manager Ron Simpson (also a former Swiss Italo disco musician) gave their single to Fresh Music, which published it on the 'Italo Disco Vol 1' compilation with featured more Swiss acts such as DJ Bobo, Roby Rotondo, Starter, Ron Simpson and others.
Early 90's the compilation came on the market but than actually the Italo Disco fever was already dead unfortunately ...

In spring 1989 they had a small live pa in Bern where no other then Celine Dion openend before them ... that year she won the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland.

In the early 90's Italo Disco faded away in popularity and the boys didnt feel like making music again and they had to finish school and join the army so they decided to end Juno Gang unfortunately without ever having released another CD.

But then came the year 2011! Juno Gang was born again (unfortunately only with Steve Moser) thanks to a mail from Holland by DJ Peet Need and Feratho (Iventi d'Azzurro). "Everybody Comes" and "Synthetica" have the same synths from the 80s recorded live in the Creador Sound Studio in the Netherlands. None other than Ryan Paris and Ken Laszlo (although Marcello d'Azzurro and Monique) have "Everybody Comes" put their great voices for disposal! This 12 "vinyl was then published in May 2012.


Juno Gang Discography Tracks


UBS 5024 Juno Gang Disco Revolution(Cass, Album) UBS Records UBS 5024 Switzerland 1988 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

10-50558, UBS 10-50558 Juno Gang Synthetica(7", Single) UBS Records, UBS Records 10-50558, UBS 10-50558 Switzerland 1989 Sell This Version
Juno Gang Everybody Comes / Synthetica Delivery Records Italy 2012 Sell This Version

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