Pure Solid

Pure Solid are a Cape Town, South Africa based duo, comprised of producer Damian Stephens aka Dplanet and VJ Anne-Sophie Leens aka spo0ky. Together they create an intense audio-visual assault on the senses, performing hypnotic soundsystem music with a lineage that includes dub, acid house, Detroit techno and grime.

Inspired by the dusty ghetto streets of the Cape Flats, the tracks are raw, aggressive, powerful and direct, relying on dutty bass grooves, heavy tape delays, hypnotic melodies and the hauntingly chopped vocals of some of Cape Town’s most rugged underground emcees.

Dplanet describes his musical style as ‘soundsytem music’, ‘robot army music’ or ‘dark’, and is best known for his work with Pioneer Unit artist, Ben Sharpa.

spo0ky creates bespoke graphic design and video treatments that interpret and enhance the music, providing a powerful, immersible hypnotic audio visual experience.

In 2010 the duo released a digital EP titled "Ghetto Dubs", which comes with an extended artwork pack (PDF) designed by spo0ky.


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