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Nass El Ghiwane (Arabic: ناس الغيوان‎) are a musical group established in the 1960s / 1970s in Casablanca, Morocco. The group, which originated in avant-garde political theater, has played an influential role in Moroccan chaabi (or shaabi). Nass El Ghiwane were the first band to introduce Western instruments like the modern banjo. Their music incorporates a trance aesthetic, reflecting the influence of local Gnawa music.

Abd El-Aziz Tahiri: Sentir, Vocals (1963-1970)
Abderrahmane Kirouche (Paco): Sentir, Vocals (1970-1993)
Allal Yaala: Banjo, Vocals (since 1963)
Boujemaa Brahim: Bendir, Vocals (1963-1974)
Larbi Batma: Tabla, Vocals (1963-1997)
Omar Sayed: Bendir, Vocals (since 1963)

Hamid Batma: Sentir, Vocals (since 2000)
Rachid Batma: Tam-tam (since 1996)
Redouane Raifak: Goumbri, Vocals

* Original band members in bold. , Wikipedia
Aliases:New Dervich
Members:Abderrahmane Kirouche, Allal Yaala, Hamid Batma, Hgour Boujami, Larbi Batma, Moulay Abdelaziz, Omar Sayed, Rachid Batma
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