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The Polish-American-British band Smingus recently released their new album BLACK DIAMONDS, on Loose Wire Records. The album premiere took place in November 2014. The Band is now preparing a European tour promoting the new album in autumn/winter 2015.

The well-travelled multi-national musicians that make up Smingus all met in Krakow, Poland in the mid aughts. Smingus took its time to carve out their own space on the musical landscape by fusing their collective influences to create a unique style steeped in American and British folk as well as blues and experimental rock traditions.

Smingus’ debut album LANDSLIDE (2011) garnered glowing reviews and was in heavy rotation on alternative Polish, European and American Radio stations. The band toured heavily behind the album and racked up 150 concerts and festival appearances across Poland and Europe. The pinnacle of the LANDSLIDE tour came on New Year’s Eve 2013 when Smingus played Krakow, Poland’s Market Square just after midnight to an exuberant crowd of over 40,000 people.

BLACK DIAMONDS was released in November 2014 on Loose Wire Records and it is full of rich, sonically diverse songs. The album was envisioned as a cohesive sonic experience and even though the sonic pallette may vary song to song, the overall effect of the album is cohesive. Smingus’ songwriting matured a lot from LANDSLIDE and their evolved musicianship, coupled with singer and chief songwriter Dave Molus’ emotionally raw lyrics, are what makes BLACK DIAMONDS a captivating album that listeners will return to time and again.

Selected excerpts from BLACK DIAMONDS reviews:

"Without a doubt, BLACK DIAMONDS is one of the best Polish albums of the year."
Enter The Room -

"The album BLACK DIAMONDS is a production that stands out in many respects. Firstly, we don’t often come across such an international collaboration that includes Polish participation. Secondly, Smingus’ second outing is advanced enough musically that they can easily compete with stars of both the international Folk and Rock scenes.”
AltMundi -

"Virtually every song on BLACK DIAMONDS is a unique, self-contained work that invites us (this is a bit banal but true) into an entirely new world - a fresh and surprising story. At the same time, BLACK DIAMONDS is very consistent stylistically and despite the perpetual ‘changes’ it somehow offers a cohesive ‘constant’ which allows it to stand up as a collective whole”
High Fidelity -

"The tightness of the band in conjunction with a large dose of musical imagination has allowed Smingus to record an album which encapsulates their maturity and perfectly presents their dynamic sonic development. Keep it up!"
E-Splot - www

“BLACK DIAMONDS is a breath of fresh air on the Polish music scene. The richness of sounds and diversity of genres presented in the album ensure that it will strike a chord with many rock enthusiasts."
Small Error - www

Enjoy your listen and we look forward to working with you in the near future as we book dates for the forthcoming tour.


David Molus - (vocals and guitar),
Thomas Zapała - (guitar)
Thymn Chase - (keyboards)
Kris Bodzoń - (bass)
Jarek Wyka - (drums)

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