DJ Sequenza

Real Name:Jörg Ritzinger

Joerg Ritzinger aka DJ SEQUENZA was born in Mainz, Germany. His dj-career began in 1985, when he started playing renown clubs all over Germany. His breakthrough came as he started producing his own music together with producer Stefan Benz.
Releases like `Busted - Tricky Tricky`, `Mike NRG - Lost In Dreams` or `DJ Sequenza - Ich Schmelze / I`m Gone, Accept No Limits, Black Rain, Dark Horizon and Nobody Can Stop Us` moved the party-crowds all over the world!
DJ Sequenza played on all the relevant electronic music festivals and raves like NATURE ONE, Loveparade, Streetparade, Ruhr In Love, Goliath, and many more...
His latest releases `The Colour Of My Dreams`, `Rhythm Of Love`an `Follow Me Tonight` had an outstanding performance in Germany, and are strong enough to carry his name out into the world! New releases are in production! , Facebook
Aliases:Jörg Ritzinger, Tricky Nation
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