Real Name:
We come to the world in -97, born by BITCHFIRE and NECROPHILIAC, just to rape your souls with some VENOM / BATHORY influensed music.

Since the beginning we have released three demos, one EP and one fullength-album.
In Summer 2001 we played our first gig at the “Slave To Metal Night in Dals Långed and CARNAGE became a piece of the Horde.

In 2002 LEATHERDEMON was called in to be a member of MORDANT and "SUICIDE SLAUGHTER" was released as a CD-demo, soon after, it was released as a MCD by AGONIA RECORDS.
Also the drummer HELL became a member after some rehearsals this year.
In 2003 LEATHERDEMON left the band after the recording of "MOMENTO MORI".
In 2004 AGONIA RECORDS released "MOMENTO MORI", our first Full-length.
After a few years of silence we came back with an new guitarist, SOULMOLESTER.
Unfortunately the drummer HELL left the band just before we recorded our last demo.
We entered the studio with new material and our lead-guitarist, NECROPHILIAC, temporary also took the drumsticks. And the new demo - "BACK FROM HELL" were recorded.
After the recording of "BACK FROM HELL", we also recorded a tribute-song for mighty SABBAT from Japan.

In early 2009 KAOS started as our new drummer. Kaos and MORDANT went separate ways in summer of 2010.
In december 2009, the tribute-album for the legendary Black Metal gods SABBAT, was released. We are involved with "Rage of Mountains".
In early 2010, "Back From Hell" was relased as a tape-version. Ltd.Ed of 100 handnumbered copies by DEATH INVOCATION RECORDS.
2011, ANGELREAPER became a member of the horde.

2016, ANGELREAPER and SOULMOLESTER left the band and the old legend LEATHERDEMON came back to the band to desolate with his guitar.

2016, the released their third full-length "DEMONIC SATANIC" on CD. The Tape enad vinyl version will be released in early 2017.

Beware, See you all at next Gig....


Mordant Discography Tracks


ARCD021 Mordant - Momento Mori album art Mordant Momento Mori(CD, Album) Agonia Records ARCD021 Poland 2004 Sell This Version
Mordant - Black Evil Master album art Mordant Black Evil Master (Album) To The Death, Night Tripper Records Sweden 2011 Sell This Version
Mordant - Demonic Satanic album art Mordant Demonic Satanic (Album) To The Death Sweden 2016 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

STD002 Mordant - DIE!!! album art Mordant DIE!!!(CDr, CD-ROM, EP) Not On Label STD002 Sweden 2001 Sell This Version
Mordant - Suicide Slaughter album art Mordant Suicide Slaughter (EP) Agonia Records Poland 2002 Sell This Version
Mordant - Swedish DemonSlaught album art Sabbat / Mordant Sabbat / Mordant - Swedish DemonSlaught (EP) To The Death Sweden 2014 Sell This Version
Mordant - Back From Hell album art Mordant Back From Hell (Single) To The Death Sweden 2008 Sell This Version
Mordant - Swedish Luciferi Vol.II album art Mordant / Devil Lee Rot Mordant / Devil Lee Rot - Swedish Luciferi Vol.II (EP) Luciferian Empire Records Sweden 2018 Sell This Version
Mordant - Colombian Luciferi album art Mordant / Black Vomit 666 Mordant / Black Vomit 666 - Colombian Luciferi (EP) Luciferian Empire Records Sweden 2018 Sell This Version
Mordant - Swedish Luciferi Vol.I album art Mordant / Total Inferno Mordant / Total Inferno - Swedish Luciferi Vol.I (EP) Luciferian Empire Records Sweden 2018 Sell This Version

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