Bixio Cherubini

Real Name:
Luigi Cairoli Bixio Cherubini
Italian lyricist, born in Leonessa (Rieti) on March 27, 1899. Younger brother of Bruno Cherubini. During the First World War, as a volunteer, he wrote his first success, Ciondolo d'oro. Until 1927 he lived in Rome as an employee of the national Postal Service. Then moved to Milan where entirely dedicate himself to songwriting. Bixio Cherubini collaborated with many great italian composers of his time: Dino Rulli, Alfredo Del Pelo, Ermenegildo Rusconi, Alberto Lao Schor, Eldo Di Lazzaro, Armando Fragna, Luigi Pagano (2), Pasquale Frustaci, Carlo Concina, Marf, but especially with Cesare Andrea Bixio, to whom he was presented by poet Trilussa. The partnership lasted until 1974, when the two Bixio composed Quando riascolterai questa canzone, launched by Achille Togliani. In 1943 he contributed the Resistance, joining the partisan command of Val Marchirolo (Varese). In 1948 together with colleagues such as Pinchi, Umberto Bertini, Gian Carlo Testoni and Mario Schisa, founded UNCLA (National Union of Composers, Librettisti and Authors) of which he was president (first effective and then honorary), until 1987, the year of his death. He has been a member of SIAE, music section, since 1920 (in 1951 he became a member), registering more than 960 texts composed by him. In sporadic cases he was also the author of the music of some of his songs (C'era 'na vorta Roma!, La strada della fortuna, Maddalena Maddalè, Arrivederci Lucia). He was the father of four girls, one of which was the singer Fiorella Bini. He died of a pulmonary edema on December 14, 1987, in Milan. His most famous composition is Mamma, written for the homonymous film directed by Guido Brignone.