Carnage (4)


A death metal band from Växjö, Sweden. Active between 1988-1990.

Initially founded as Global Carnage in October 1988, Carnage was one of the first bands in the Swedish death metal scene and in addition to Merciless and Entombed they were also the first ones to secure a record deal (with Earache sublabel Necrosis Records). The Band’s career was short-lived however as they played live only three times and released one full-length album in early 1990 after which they ended up disbanding.

After the split-up Mike Amott joined Carcass while Blomqvist, Kärki and Larsson joined Dismember, another cult band on the Swedish death metal scene. Soon Estby also joined them and replaced Larsson on drums.
Đorđević joined Entombed briefly.
Liiva went on to form Furbowl and later in 1995 joined forces again with Amott in Arch Enemy.

Sites:Bandcamp , Wikipedia
Members:David Blomqvist, Fred Estby, Jeppe Larsson, Johan Liiva, Johnny Dordevic, Matti Kärki, Michael Amott, Michael Nicklasson




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