Jörg Dewald

Jörg "JD Wood" Dewald was the Engineer for all of the early Tom Wax / Thorsten Adler releases on Harthouse, Overdrive, Logic, Influence and R&S. For many years after Tom and Thorsten got their own studio, Jörg assisted Thorsten with his solo projects. After that he went on to engineer for other artists in the Frankfurt/Darmstadt area.

At the age of 5 JD Wood started playing piano by taking lessons from his mother, who still is a music teacher today. Later he decided that playing drums is the more efficient way to compensate the stress of the first school years. There were two reasons: Mother had no idea of playing drums and it was louder than playing piano!

When JD was 10 he additional learned to play trumpet, what brought him a lot of awards in his teenage years.

1990 JD wanted to fulfill his dream of his own recording studio and so he started out his career with being a pure musician and producer.

Just one year later he released his first record on a small independent label and many of them followed. The music was called “Techno” and didn’t have anything to do with regular songwriting. But it filled up the wallet and so he could go on just being a musician.

1994 was the year, when JD got a golden record for the remix of “when do I get to sing my way” by “The Sparks”.

1995 he started playing in different bands as a keyboard player and singer and almost 7 years later he wrote his first song completely by his own. That means music and lyrics by JD Wood for the first time.

2002 JD had the great opportunity to create and perform a song with the famous violinist Vanessa Mae.

Until now JD finished an amount of 3 albums as a singer-songwriter which is produced all by himself. More songs for different European artists are already released or planned to release.

In October 2008 JD’s songs were discovered by an American publishing company (BMND Records). The contracts are already signed. In the process of publishing work his first album called "In my dreams" was released on 2009-03-15.

In January 2009 JD received the award for the Best Songwriter 2008 (Blue Muse Publishing, Inc).

In September 2009 JD's songs "I am strong" and "Waiting for relief" ended as semi-finalist at the UK Songwriting Contest 2009 in the category pop. Chosen from almost 6000 entries they've made it that far.
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