Katrina And The Waves


Rock group from Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, active from 1981 to 1999.
'The Waves' is a name derived from a band Alex Cooper and Kimberley Rew were part of in the mid-70's.

Their recognition began to grow when the Bangles covered 'Going Down To Liverpool', and reached its peak in 1985 with their bouncy pop hit 'Walking On Sunshine', which is the song associated with them.

While the band continued recording and headlining concerts until their eventual breakup in 1999, even their 1997 Eurovision Song Contest (UK) win for 'Love Shine a Light' didn't stop them from being continually regarded as a one-hit wonder. , , Wikipedia
Members:Alex Cooper, Katrina Leskanich, Kimberley Rew, Tim "Love" Lee, Vince De La Cruz
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