DJ Shimamura

Real Name:Shinsuke Shimamura

One of Japan's most notable hardcore producers, DJ Shimamura has written and produced tracks for many Japanese hardcore labels as well as his own label, Dynasty Records.

Taking the quality of production from today's modern hardcore and using his skills to form energetic uplifting tracks reminiscent of the nutty sample-scattered rave tracks of the 90s from these sounds, Shimamura has developed his own unique style, so it's no wonder he's in demand from various video games companies and established J-pop artists as Nami Tamaki and Lia. , Soundcloud
Aliases:2B4U.D-157, Asian Dugem Foundation, Badboy Slim, Believe Da Junk, DJ Eterni-T, DJ Sin, DJ Unicorn, DJ Wiz-R-D, Dog Styles, Extremist, Falsion, Fantazista, Far-East Hakke Crew, Geraid, Inful-8, Lauryn Hell, Orange Hair, Penis Graphix, Ravers Anthem, SFX (5)
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