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Heavy Metal / Rock / Pop band from Sweden formed in 2008. They are known for their own self-created mythology, their elaborate costumes, theatrical performances, and were known for keeping members anonymous. Each release lists the musicians as "Nameless Ghouls" and the frontman as "Papa Emeritus / Papa Emeritus II / Papa Emeritus III / Cardinal Copia / Papa Emeritus IV". Drawing influences from classic rock, classic metal and pop bands such as ABBA, Ghost differentiate themselves by merging the aforementioned genres, old and new, and satanic themes in their music giving them a unique sound.

Due to legal conflicts, the band was briefly forced to release music under the Ghost B.C. name in the United States. They absolutely refused to use the name on any merchandise or in any other manner.

Fictional members/aliases:
Papa Emeritus 0 (A.K.A. Papa Nihil) - Vocals, Saxophone [deceased, but resurrected for live performances]
Papa Emeritus I - Vocals [deceased]
Papa Emeritus II - Vocals [deceased]
Papa Emeritus III - Vocals [deceased]
Papa Emeritus IV (formerly Cardinal Copia) - Vocals [current]
Nameless Ghouls: Instruments

Current Members:
Tobias Forge - Vocals (2008-Present) (Also plays the majority of instruments on recordings)

Known current Nameless Ghouls (touring musicians):
Guitar Ghoul (White) - Per Eriksson (2)
Guitar Ghoul (Black) - Randy Moore (7)
Multi-Ghoul (aka Swiss Army Ghoul) - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Tambourine (also portrays Papa Nihil for sax solo on "Miasma") - Justin Taylor
Drum Ghoul - Hayden Scott
Bass Ghoul - Cosmo Sylvan
Backing Vocals Guhleh - Olivia Morreale
Keyboard/Backing Vocals/Keytar Ghuleh - Laura Scarborough
Keyboard/Backing Vocals/Tambourine Ghuleh - Mad Gallica

Known former Nameless Ghouls (members and touring musicians):
Fire Ghoul (Lead Guitar) - Simon Söderberg (2010-2016)
Water Ghoul (Bass) - Gustaf Lindström (2010-2011), Rikard Ottosson (2011-2013), Linton Rubino (2014-2015), Henrik Palm (2015), Megan X Thomas (2016)
Earth Ghoul (Drums) - Aksel Holmgren (2010-2014), Martin Hjertstedt (2014-2016)
Air Ghoul (Keyboards) - Mauro Rubino (2011-2016)
Aether Ghoul (Rhythm Guitar) - Martin Persner (2010-2016), Henrik Palm (2015)
Guitar Ghoul (Black) - Chris Catalyst (2017-2022)
Backing Vocals Ghuleh - Sophie Amelkin (2022) , Facebook , MySpace , X , Instagram , , Wikipedia , Bandcamp
Members:Aksel Holmgren, Chris Catalyst, Gustaf Lindström, Martin Persner, Megan X Thomas, Rikard Ottosson, Simon Söderberg, Tobias Forge
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