The Who Rich.C

January 19, 2017
More than any band before them, the Who transformed rock 'n' roll into the weapon of choice for the generation gap struggles of the 1960s. Playing up tensions between young and old in teen anthems "My Generation," "The Kids Are Alright," and a cover of Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues," this combativeness quickly became the band's hallmark. Roger Daltrey's perilous mic-swinging, Pete Townshend's ill-tempered guitar-smashing, and Keith Moon's "gonzo" drumming all bolstered the band's thuggish, working-class youth image -- and suggested it was more than image.
As Mod's heyday waned, Townshend began pushing the band in more adventurous directions, which culminated in the first proper Rock Opera, Tommy (1969). In one fell swoop, the band upgraded their standing from "average Joe's" to intelligentsia. Emboldened by Tommy's success, Townshend's songwriting became increasingly self-centered and confessional. While "Behind Blue Eyes" and "Love, Reign O'er Me" are simply sublime, much of the Who's '70s material is bogged down by the band's internal conflicts and Townshend's downward spiral into alcohol and drug abuse.
The public began to feel that the band had simply overstayed its welcome. Fans had a hard time forgiving the spokesmen of angry youth for getting old, and the band seems to have had a difficult time forgiving themselves.

The Who Ianfarquhar

February 5, 2019
LOL!!!! Plagiarism at its finest!!!! That's awesome! Thank you Jarren!

The Who magicband82

January 19, 2019
What a load of shit. The Who's 70's material is some of their best. This is not just my opinion, it's a fact. Quadrophenia? Who's Next? The Who By Numbers? Have you heard these albums? If the public truly began to feel that the band overstayed their welcome in the 70's, we should take a poll to find out how they feel about The Who in 2019. At this point, the band has overstayed their welcome by 40 years, even after two of the most important members of the band have died.

The Who Jarren

July 14, 2018
"Rich has told the story of the musical, personal and historical..."

Sadly not. See here:

The Who latinjazzfan

May 31, 2018
Why worse (worst in english) attempt? Rich has told the story of the musical, personal and historical side of these 4 working-class Londoners who made it when they managed to render the everlasting generation-gap phenomenon into lyrics and well-received sound! The final two sentences just show how hard it is to stay "at the top" leaving all four to their own fates: I read this as a well-written and informative article on this fabulous group! Perhaps you meant "best attempt"?

The Who jar10

March 16, 2018
Hard to sum up The Who in a few paragraphs, however, Rich.C yours is probably the worse attempt I’ve seen.