D. White

Real Name:Dmitriy White

D. White (Dmitry Bely) - Russian singer, musician. A graduate of the Gnessin Russian Academy of music. Honored artist of Russia (2014). Born in 1975 in Zarasai (Lithuania). Since 1979, he has lived in Yekaterinburg (Russia). Since 1998, he has been living and working in Moscow (Russia). 1992-release of the first solo album "Solitude" ("NP-records", Russia) 1997-release of the second solo album "Kamlania" ("NP-records", Russia) 1999-2001-soloist of a popular Russian band. Active touring activity. In 2001-2011-work in "Stage Entertainment", participation in Broadway musicals in the USA, Italy, Russia.

Since 2014, the soloist of the project in the style of Italo-disco under the name D. White. A number of songs by the D. White project, released by the ZYX German Dance label. In 2017, the solo album "One wish" from the Polish label Analog language is released. Vinyls were released in Greece (Color Fresh Music), USA (AMD, NYC) and Poland (Analog language). The first songs of the project were created at the Studio "Master of Dreams", To promote the creativity of D. White in 2020, a company was created — D. White production. In different years, D. White has collaborated with the following musicians — Max Vasiliev, Soulya ID, Mirko Hirsch, Michael Nolen, M@rgO, ROST, Ryan Benson, Heaven42, Aero50, and others. Since 2018, he has been simultaneously releasing songs in a duet with the singer DimaD.

The work of D. White is perhaps one of the best examples of NEW Euro/italo Disco music.

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Aliases:Dimitriy Belyy
Members:Maxim Vasilyev
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