Reach Da Reapa

Reach Da Reapa

Reach Da Reapa (United Kingdom) got into hip hop in the early electro days around 1983 and started rhyming in 1986 before moving into DJing and production in about 1988.

In 1990 he formed the hardcore hip hop crew Manslaughter 666 who went on to release a couple of tracks in 1991 on the ‘Ruff Kut’ album before breaking up shortly after.

From there he went on to become a vocalist in the crew Drunken Eejit from 1992 to 1996 and recorded a large number of unreleased demos until the crew disbanded.

After a long break from making music of any kind, Reach reunited with Drunken Eejit as lead vocalist in 2007 and at the start of 2010 they released the ‘Under The Influence’ album.

In 2009 Reach also began work on a remix project with Norwegian producer Damien which resulted in the 2010 release of the album ‘Disturbed Visions’ as well as the formation of the crew Utter Nutters.
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