Afrika Bambaataa & The Jazzy 5

JAZZY FIVE: In the mid 70s, in the area of the South Bronx known as Soundview Houses, the story of Hip hop music pioneers, the "Jazzy Five" MC’s begins. Their founder, the 1st and best rapper in the Soundview area at the time, MC Sundance, was an MC with Disco King Mario along with Charlie Choo and the Master Bee. They were five solo artists from Soundview who merged as one for a distinct sound that incorporated singing, dancing and emceeing into one complete sound and stage show and who could compete with the best groups out there. After a few shows with Afrika Bambaataa… DJ Jazzy Jay, DJ Red Alert, & the "Jazzy Five" were a major part of Zulu Nation Hip hop Throw Downs, along with the Soul Sonic Force, the Cosmic Force, etc.