British soul/smooth jazz group formed out of the ashes of London funk group Pride, and named after their lead singer. The group has had a remarkably stable line-up over two decades and comprises Sade Adu (vocals), Paul S. Denman (bass), Andrew Hale (keyboards) and Stuart Matthewman (sax).

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November 18, 2014
The ultimate female vocalist with presence and performance of a goddess! Sade's music is for any time, any place , any where! If your stuck where to start then immerse yourself into the " Stronger than pride " album.....nothing will come between you!


February 2, 2004
Crossover at its best, the Sade group began as a "jazz" outfit, performing catchy pop songs with some sax and keyboards to make it sound somewhat jazzy. Things began to become interesting with "Stronger than pride", where the songs were way more subtle, and not very far from Soul II Soul in tracks like "Paradise" or "Turn my back on you" - though the album really shines on a couple of gorgeous ballads, "love is stronger than pride" and "haunt me". Years later, "Love delux" could be considered their most electronic album, as "Cherish the day" or "Feel no pain" are very close to dreamy trip-hop. It sold even more copies than the albums before, and by now it's their most interesting work (also check the Nelle Hopper's mix of "Feel no pain"). Their latest album, "Lover's rock", is a relaxed mainstream pop album which is great because the band has found their place for their music. After many mixes (Ben Watt picked up "By your side", and there seem to be a lot of bootleg mixes out there) they released a live album and DVD. Sade and her boys have managed to be consistent during the years, but what's even better, their songs have been enjoyed by fans of very different styles. You could put "Smooth operator" next to Matt Bianco, but also "Cherish the day" next to Crustation. That's quite an achievement.

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