Ken Laszlo

Real Name:Gianni Coraini

Born 18 July 1954

Gianni Coraini was born in 1954 in Italy, originally from Mantova. Even since he was a little boy, Ken had a special talent for music. He also learned to play the flute and graduated from the academy of music. When Ken was fifteen, he began his training as a musician by singing and playing in discos and clubs. Laszlo had his first big success in 1984. His songs "Hey, Hey Guy", "Tonight", "Don't Cry", etc. were not only the biggest hits in Europe but also in Asia and in Venezuela. Laszlo sold more than 1,000,000 copies of his records.

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Aliases:Artwork (3), Bibi (22), Dave Cole, DJ NRG, Gianni Coraini, Hollyman, Jaco (3), Jean Corraine, K.L. Jones, Ken Hunter, Maltese (2), Maxx Ducati, Mike Freeman, Mister Fly (2), Mix Jean, Moreno (5), Nick Kaye, Otello, Ric Fellini (2), Rocky Custer
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