Hotel Morphila Orchester


Austrian music project ("Punk meets Art") from Vienna.
Formed in 1978 by Peter Weibel, split up in the 1980s, reformed in 2011.

„In the old times in vienna every good hotel or coffee-house had their own orchestra. Since this tradition is extinct today we call ourselves after a hotel that doesn’t exist either. Hotels have a good tradition in rockmusic: Heartbreak Hotel, Morrison Hotel, Hotel California.... The name of the hotel swings between morbid, morphium, Morpheus (god of dreams/sleep), Mephistopheles, Morphe, Godzilla and indicates the character of the hotel, the guests, the music: monster-rock by machines, music of the metropoles, neon-rock, code-breaker, clinic-music for patients of all kinds“ (Peter Weibel) ,
Members:Ddkern, Franz Dorfner, Franz Machek, Loys Egg, Paul Braunsteiner, Peter Weibel, Wolfgang Steiner


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