Los Bravos


Spanish rock group, founded in the 1960s.

The original band were:
Vocals - Mike Kennedy (real name: Michael V. Kogel, Berlín,1944).
Lead guitar - Antonio Martínez "Tony" (Madrid, 1944 - 1990).
Keyboards - Manuel Fernández (Sevilla 1942 - 1968).
Bass guitar - Miguel Vicens (A Coruña, 1943 - 2022).
Drums - Pablo Sanllehí (Barcelona, 1943).

Peter Solley joined after Manolo Fernández's suicide in 1968, later replaced by Jesús Gluck.
Kennedy left the band in 1968, being replaced by Robert Wright for a short while and then by Andy Anderson (Tony Anderson, Jon Anderson's brother).

In their classic formation they had five Nº 1's: "La Parada Del Autobús", "Black Is Black", "La Moto", "Los Chicos Con Las Chicas" & "Bring A Little Lovin'". They also made two "pop" films; "Los Chicos Con Las Chicas" & "Bring A Little Lovin'".
Other 'Bravos' were: José Romero (guitar), Henri Seür (vocals), Rafael Marinelli (organ) ...

Current line-up (July 23, 2022):

Vocal: Bruce Game
Drums: Pablo Sanllehi
Guitar : Toni Obrador
Keys: Jaume Amengual
Guitar and BVs: Jo Pro
Drums: Sergi Tomas Vidal
Bass and BVs: Franc Prohens
Choir: Isadora Ferreras
Choir: Miriam López
Trombone: Miguel
Trumpet: Pepe
Sax : Rigor

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Members:Angel Salvador (2), Anthony Anderson (5), Antonio Martinez Salas, Bob Wright (16), Henry Seur, Jaume Amengual, Jesus Gluck, Joseito Romero, Manolo Fernández (6), Michael Kogel, Miguel Vicens, Pablo Sanllehí, Peter Solley, Rafael Marinelli, Rubén A. Correa, Sergi Tomás Vidal
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