Fred Ventura

Real Name:Federico Di Bonaventura

Fred Ventura's musical journey started at the beginning of 1979, first as a drummer in several punk and new wave bands and then as vocalist of State Of Art (2), a very influential band in Milan's underground scene during the beginning of the 80's. After an amicable split with the band, Fred started his solo career writing and recording electro pop songs on a 4 track cassette machine with a Roland Juno 60 synthesizer and an Oberheim DX drum machine, a songwriting style that soon evolved into a more dance friendly vein thanks to the explosion of the Italo Disco Sound and his love for New Order's "Blue Monday" and Bobby O " She Has A Way". From 1983-1989 he released eleven 12" maxi singles and one album plus many other projects under different alias' like Flexx (2) and Pleasure & Pain. His works with Italo legendary producers like Roberto Turatti & Miki Chieregato and Mauro Farina & Giuliano Crivellente on songs like "The Years" & "Wind Of Change" brought him great worldwide popularity. He has performed in clubs in Holland, Germany, Spain, France, Poland, Mexico and the U.S.A. Since the end of the eighties he has been producing and remixing Italian and international artists, doing A&R for several record labels (Evolution Records (4), Free Zone, Milano 2000) and producing his own music under different monikers as Grey Area (2), Active, Vibrazioni Productions, Electrique, most recently as Bedroom Rockers for Universal Records while still lending lead vocals for various Clone Records associates as I-f, Alden Tyrell and Jupiter Black. Born in Milan, Italy on July 16, 1962.

Sites:MySpace , Facebook , Facebook , Soundcloud
Aliases:Federico Di Bonaventura, Milkplus (3)
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