DJ Tonka Buzbybumble

January 1, 2015
I am unsure what he really looks like. His photos clearly show 2 different people on the images and searching the internet also shows pics for two different people. I assume the blonde haired guy is not the actual artist, but a model used to front the artist in the early days of his career.
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DJ Tonka labcabin

July 19, 2017
There is a pic of him in the inner cover of Ian Pooley's gatefold album Since Then

DJ Tonka Fox_Mulder

January 21, 2016
Your face recognition software doesn't work properly :) It's him in all the pictures. Cheers!

DJ Tonka Force23

January 7, 2016
Actually, it's him on all the picture here on discogs. There's just a few years between them. What 15 years, a beard and a different haircut can do… ;)

DJ Tonka dalequetepego

July 27, 2010
I've been searching unsuccessfuly a long time a remix by dj Tonka of '2 UNLIMITED - NEVER SURRENDER'. I heard in the 90's.
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DJ Tonka namtaan

July 24, 2017 , but this is not from dj tonka . well , some breakbeats is in , thats all .

DJ Tonka as reviewed by djbronko

January 18, 2005
edited over 18 years ago
His tracks may be called too commercial, or all the same - but they just work. Tonka has got a simple recipe that is unique - the pianos make you feel good, the bass kicks (at least on releases until 2000, later on getting softer), the bassline grooves, the melodies are catchy. This is happiness in a tin can. Open it and feel good.
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DJ Tonka Tommy_Vercetti

December 8, 2017
I couldn't wrote this better myself, totally on the spot ... Cheers

DJ Tonka as reviewed by DJEXFIX

May 11, 2003
Disco stings revisited with uplifting riffs of guitar giving wide dancability. A soulful house track putting boogie disco vs. oldskool house. Where in the world can one find tracks like this? Just look for DJ Tonka. Thankyou

DJ Tonka as reviewed by Mr.Fonk

March 30, 2002
Once famous for his unique and uplifting remixes, the man from Mainz now has changed his sound to a mixture between oldschool breakbeats with some piano and UK Garage