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Militia was born officially in late '82 in Perugia/Italy when a post-punk band called Lo Noize, formed in 1979, disbanded.
Founder members feature Dario Bavicchi (keyboards, electronics, guitar and vocals), Fabrizio Croce (rhythms, electronics and vocals) and Giovanni Romualdi (guitars). Bass players were, in chronological appearance, Augusto Croce (late founder of 'Aidons La Norvege'), Nicoletta Vinti (late in London with 'The Passions' and with 'Trans-Global Underground' original line-up), Claudio Castrini, Andrea Conversano (a long-time member of the band), Arlo Bigazzi (solo-artist and founder of Materiali Sonori Label) and Aroldo Toccaceli. Without a bass player the three remaining members are still continuing in 2006 as open line-up featuring part-time collaborators.
At the end of the 90's they started a series of "soundtracks for Spoken word" CD's. Live activity of Militia developed between 1984 and 1992 with tours in Germany and in Holland and concerts all over Italy; they performed in the most representative italian Clubs and billed in the most important Festivals of that period, contributing to start an italian "new-wave" scene. During their career they received sincere appreciation worldwide. At the end of the '80's Militia started a partnership with Materiali Sonori label, the oldest italian "indie", and with his founders, brothers Giampiero and Arlo Bigazzi (producer and collaborator for "Dunarobba" and "Elvengamello"): since then the label issued the whole discography of the band. Militia members too contributed to some productions of Materiali sonori ("Marco Polo" project, featuring David Sylvian and Roger Eno among the others, solo album of Tv entertainer Claire Ann Matz, an album of experimental group Doubling riders, all the "Drop" series albums); as remixers they used the nickname of Grifo Kings and work on their own and other label artists material. In early '80 they owned with a group of friends a legendary alternative Club called Suburbia in Perugia suburbs.
Since 1996 Militia started to work for avant-garde Theatre, Cinema and visual arts.

Aliases:The Grifo Kings
Members:Andrea Conversano, Arlo Bigazzi, Claudio Castrini, Dario Bavicchi, Fabrizio Croce, Giovanni Romualdi, Nicoletta Vinti




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