Prince Of Denmark kobanko

June 18, 2022
may be it's Daniel Lopatin?...Very similar tunes/moods sometimes i hear

Prince Of Denmark _vinylman_

February 16, 2018
Very overrated musician: it's a rehash/crappy amalgam of that cheap, commercial deep house and mid 2000's micro/techhouse. Boring, bland, unimpressive and easily forgotten.

Prince Of Denmark jns.kln

September 25, 2020
no it´s because resident advisor is hyping it over the top.

Prince Of Denmark Bourbonman

January 6, 2019
The content has nothing to do with price. The Prince has done ok, but i prefer his Traumprinz material 10 times over.

Prince Of Denmark stevo1976

September 13, 2018
oh yeah, his output climbs so high (300-400€) because he is overated! i dont think so


Prince Of Denmark Greenrabbitaudio

June 29, 2018
edited over 4 years ago
Damn, can't wait to discuss with you what good music is then.

Prince Of Denmark THE_MARSBAR

February 26, 2018
Are we listening to the same music? I don't think so.

Prince Of Denmark angusmokheaps

February 22, 2018
Holy shit I just realized this music is bad!!! Thank you for this insight! WoW!

Prince Of Denmark MatthiasBoler

February 11, 2018
11/2/2018 - THE PRINCE IS BACK. Planet Uterus ReOpening. ∞

Prince Of Denmark Rivilen

February 12, 2018
Such a outstanding mix, some otherwordly tunes in this one

Prince Of Denmark MatthiasBoler

May 17, 2017
"the story that i was trying to tell here has been told.
its very last paragraph is about the letting go of something.

beyond that, personally it is both a caring embrace as it is a testament to a ten year long chapter at giegling, that, with all i'm doing, had been coming to an end for me. times which i feel thankful for, though by waking up from a deep dream, what i can tell now, that over time i must have lost touch with it somehow and finally decided to move on into something unknown.

thank you deeply for what seemed like a wonderful journey to me, we'll meet again."

Appeared alongside a mysterious 8-times-looped texture through an as much enigmatic soundcloud profile named "Prince of Denmark is dead" on May the 17th 2017.
As well as some other cryptic 8-times-looped textures published respectively by Planet Uterus ("closed for interior renovation" said the description) and Sender Geibel.

Prince Of Denmark chickenstrip6

May 21, 2017
Wow, nice catch. . . . . . . .

Prince Of Denmark MoFiya

May 19, 2017
For what it's worth, the vocal sample from the final release is from a Whitney Houston interview.
Google Whitney Houston & Diane Sawyer - 2002 Interview, minute 31.18

Prince Of Denmark as reviewed by OCCIDENTAL

March 14, 2015
He's the best.

Prince Of Denmark Wolvie-Records

October 25, 2013
We know very little about the artist, if it became known in 2010 Soulfood, a maxi 4 titles very deep and very good techno, released on the German label Giegling.
In this vein deep techno with heavy bass and effective, it has also released four EPs under an alias just as romantic: Traumprinz ("Prince Charming" in German) Very good job for a FANTASTIC deep techno !!!