Grimes (4) Spunkfish

July 27, 2017
Im a heavy rock and bues fan mainly , i gave this album art angels a spin and 90 percent of this is really amazing the song structures are interesting and the sound is atmospheric and deep , great for having a few beers on the porch or even intense listening on headphones there is enough structure and detail on this album to warrant close scrutiny , great album

Grimes (4) TychoShiel

January 26, 2016
I'm usually a fan of metal, ambiance, and post-rock type music. I've tried to get into pop music a few times and it never sticks, it's always too vapid, or shallow, or formulaic for me. Grimes is the first "pop" artist that I've really, really liked and wanted more of.

Highly recommended if you want something poppy, but interesting, pretty deep, and different from the AAA Hollywood crowd.

Grimes (4) sab264

January 28, 2017
It's literally been a year, but if you haven't already, you should listen to Charli XCX's Vroom Vroom EP. I don't listen to a lot of Pop often either, but I love that EP.