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Claire Boucher
Grimes is the multimedia project of Canadian artist Claire Boucher (born March 17, 1988, raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, later moved to Montréal, Québec). She is best known for her work as a producer, singer and songwriter, although 'Grimes' also encompasses her work as a director, painter and writer.
none Grimes (4) - Altered Zones Mix album art oOoOO (3) Crystal Ball oOoOO (3) - Altered Zones Mix(File, MP3, Mixed, 160) Altered Zones none US 2010
#91 Grimes (4) - Body Haiku album art Jensen Sportag Devon Jensen Sportag - Body Haiku(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Modular Recordings #91 Australia 2011
RA.266 Grimes (4) - RA.266 album art Planningtorock Heartbeat (Laurel Halo Remix) Planningtorock - RA.266(File, MP3, Mixed, 160) Resident Advisor RA.266 UK 2011
04 Grimes (4) - Field Day Mix 04 album art Creep (7) Crystal Ball Creep (7) - Field Day Mix 04(File, MP3, Mixed) Field Day 04 US 2011
none, 006 Grimes (4) - Sofgore album art Laurel Halo Vanessa Laurel Halo - Sofgore(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) DIS Magazine, Endless Echo none, 006 US 2011
none Grimes (4) - The Killer Lake album art LAKE R▲DIO* Genesis LAKE R▲DIO* - The Killer Lake(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Tiny Mix Tapes none US 2012
none Grimes (4) - Chillthefuckdown album art Is Tropical Genesis Is Tropical - Chillthefuckdown(File, MP3, Mixed, 160) Not On Label (Is Tropical Self-released) none UK 2012
none Grimes (4) - Cloud Music Mix 4 Witch Tapes album art Rachel Haircut Circumambient Rachel Haircut - Cloud Music Mix 4 Witch Tapes(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Witch Tapes none US 2012
TV 46 Grimes (4) - Truancy Volume 46 album art Eclair Fifi Genesis Eclair Fifi - Truancy Volume 46(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Truants TV 46 UK, Europe & US 2012
none Grimes (4) - Long Clothing Mixtape album art Tamara Sky Genesis Tamara Sky - Long Clothing Mixtape(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Long Clothing none UK 2012
#57 Grimes (4) - In Heaven album art LAKE R▲DIO* Oblivion and 1 more… LAKE R▲DIO* - In Heaven(File, MP3, Mixed, 256) TXTBK's CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 #57 US 2012
none Grimes (4) - Winter 2K12 Mix album art Ritualz Colour Of Moonlight Ritualz - Winter 2K12 Mix(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Hellow none Mexico 2012
MOSA166 Grimes (4) - Chillout Sessions XV album art Various Genesis Various - Chillout Sessions XV(2xCD, Mixed) Ministry Of Sound MOSA166 Australia 2012 Sell This Version
FACT 347 Grimes (4) - FACT Mix 347 album art How To Dress Well Know The Way How To Dress Well - FACT Mix 347(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) FACT Magazine FACT 347 UK 2012
none Grimes (4) - VVe Lived Ovr Lives In Black album art BLΛCK RΛ!NB0VV* Circumambient BLΛCK RΛ!NB0VV* - VVe Lived Ovr Lives In Black(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Not On Label (Black Rainbovv Self-released) none Belgium 2012
GPMCD073 Grimes (4) - Body Language Vol.13 album art Azari & III Phone Sex Azari & III - Body Language Vol.13(CD, Mixed, Promo) Get Physical Music GPMCD073 Germany 2013 Sell This Version
FACT 393 Grimes (4) - FACT Mix 393 album art ADULT. Oblivion ADULT. - FACT Mix 393(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) FACT Magazine FACT 393 UK 2013
#8 Grimes (4) - Stay The Night #8 album art How To Dress Well Skin (HTDW Edit) How To Dress Well - Stay The Night #8(File, AAC, Mixed, 256) Safe House USA #8 US 2013
MOSA173 Grimes (4) - FUT.UR.ISM album art Various Oblivion Various - FUT.UR.ISM(2xCD, Comp, Mixed) Ministry Of Sound MOSA173 Australia 2013 Sell This Version
5354337 Grimes (4) - Triple J House Party Volume Three album art Various Go Various - Triple J House Party Volume Three(2xCD, Mixed, Smplr) ABC Music 5354337 Australia 2014 Sell This Version
none Grimes (4) - Cultwave Mix album art Lake Radio Be A Body Lake Radio - Cultwave Mix(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Cultwave Radio none Canada 2014
#4 Grimes (4) - Bmovie Clothing Mixtape album art Blvck Ceiling Genesis (Blvck Ceiling Remix) Blvck Ceiling - Bmovie Clothing Mixtape(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Bmovie Clothing #4 Germany 2014
none Grimes (4) - Wireless Fiction [s01e04]: The Justin Sprenkle Hour album art Shoop with Justin Sprenkle Go! Shoop with Justin Sprenkle - Wireless Fiction [s01e04]: The Justin Sprenkle Hour(File, MP3, Mixed) Radio Zelda none US 2015
none Grimes (4) - Estrogênio Mix album art Silvia Kastel Skin Silvia Kastel - Estrogênio Mix(File, MP3, Mixed) Ultramarine none Italy 2015
#217 Grimes (4) - CXB7 Radio #217 album art Lake Radio Genesis Lake Radio - CXB7 Radio #217(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) TXTBK's CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 #217 US 2015

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July 27, 2017
Im a heavy rock and bues fan mainly , i gave this album art angels a spin and 90 percent of this is really amazing the song structures are interesting and the sound is atmospheric and deep , great for having a few beers on the porch or even intense listening on headphones there is enough structure and detail on this album to warrant close scrutiny , great album


January 26, 2016
I'm usually a fan of metal, ambiance, and post-rock type music. I've tried to get into pop music a few times and it never sticks, it's always too vapid, or shallow, or formulaic for me. Grimes is the first "pop" artist that I've really, really liked and wanted more of.

Highly recommended if you want something poppy, but interesting, pretty deep, and different from the AAA Hollywood crowd.

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