John Butcher

Real Name:John Bernard Butcher

British saxophonist, born in 1954 in Brighton, UK.

Set up Acta in 1988 in association with Phil Durrant and John Russell in order to release Conceits.
The label is no longer releasing music. he began a new label, Weight Of Wax, in 2004. , Bandcamp , Soundcloud , Wikipedia
In Groups:'T Nonet Fred Van Hove, Anemone (9), Chris Burn's Ensemble, Common Objects, Embers (2), Thermal (6), fORCH, Frisque Concordance, John Butcher / John Tilbury Duo, John Butcher / Ken Vandermark Duo, John Butcher / Nate Wooley Duo, John Butcher Group, Last Dream Of The Morning, Live-Tempera, London Improvisers Orchestra, Ohrkiste, Phil Minton Quartet, Polwechsel, Russell, Durrant, Butcher, S4 (3)
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