Collective Consciousness

Real Name:
dj phoenix & dysphonix
Chuck Witthaus a.k.a. DJ Phoenix

born: April 23rd 1972

Place : St. Louis, MO

Style : Tribal House/Trance

Refernces: Silver Seven Records St. Louis
Nepol Records St. Louis

Appearances At


The Upstairs lounge St. Louis, MO Current residency
Atomic cowboy St. Louis, MO February 1st 2003
LO St. Louis, MO January 2003 & November 2002
Hyperspace St. Louis, MO 1996
Otherworld St. Louis, MO 1994-1996
Fallout St. Louis, MO 1994-1995


Aural Flux Cincinnati, OH November 15th 1997
Ritual St. Louis, MO September 26th 1997
Reconstruction St. Louis, MO January 20th 1996
Star Generation St. Louis, MO New Years Eve 1995
Interstellar Outback 2 Southern, MO August 26th 1995


1989 was the year DJ Phoenix attended his first rave in St. Louis and soon after was consistantly attending parties all over the Midwest. A short time later he and some like minded friends began promoting under the name "Mars." The Mars crew threw some legendary parties like "Tribes Of Unity", "Sykodelik Peace Phreaks", and "Soopafly" that partiers to this day still talk about. After putting promoting parties on hold, he began his journey into becoming a dj. His motivation came from many of the old school dj's that he listened to at parties including dj JAJO a.k.a Juan Mauri Vera(R.I.P.) who eventually became a mentor to him and helped him early in his career. He helped by letting him play along side of him at clubs like "Fallout" and "Hyperspace"; which led to gigs at other clubs and parties.

He began performing at parties and clubs in 1995. His musical journey has taken him throughout the Midwest and the United States. Now having 10+ years experience behind the decks he currently holds down a residency at "The Upstairs Lounge" as well as playing at several different clubs in and around the Midwest. Additionally he is co-owner of Nepol Records, a tribal trance label based in St. Louis, MO. He also record's under the alias of Collective Consciousness, a collaboration between himself and Dan Dysphonix.

In 1996 they (Collective Consciousness) signed 2 tracks to Silver Seven Records a local label; copies of this record were sold throughout the United States and Europe. Together they have continued to produce and do remix work for Nepol Records. Their most recent project was remixing Bio Genesis' "Thoughts Of The Future" (nepol-001) which was played by many high profile dj's including: Chris Fortier(the bedrock party-wmc 2002), D:fuse, Spesh, Liam Kennedy, Troy Roberts, and Sean Carnahan. DJ Phoenix is now in the process of producing and remixing many other solo projects for Nepol Records.

DJ Phoenix has been an integral part of the St. Louis scene for many years through promoting, spining, and producing. He continues to support the scene, scout, and promote local as well as talent from around the U.S. Look forward to future releases from this talented artist.

Dan Sterkin a.k.a. Dan Dysphonix


Dan Sterkin, aka Dysphonix, born in St. Petersburg Russia, and long time native to St. Louis is a musician, audio engineer, and studying acoustician. He began his venture into music at the age of 6 while studying piano of the classical school. During 12 years of keyboard training, he began to expand his interests outside of the acoustic world, and started tampering with audio technology at the age of 16. He became an avid sequencer around this time, and began programming quantized music or techno music. Also around this time, Dan began doing recordings in his 'bedroom studio' with an old 4 channel mixer and a tape deck. This eventually led, after many years, to full blown nonlinear digital multitrack recording which include solo projects, bands, post-production, etc.

After some schooling, Dysphonix had begun to do work for live sound applications around the age of 20. he gained experience through working as F.O.H. sound operator for over 200 bands in the St. Louis area.

These technical works have helped in creating an encompassing cirlcle of audio research for Dysphonix, and will assist him in becoming his life long dream of being an acoustician.

Collective Consciousness Discography Tracks

Singles & EPs

Collective Consciousness - Nexus / Mirage album art Collective Consciousness Nexus / Mirage Silver Seven Records US 1996 Sell This Version

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