Charles Mingus

Real Name:Charles Mingus Jr.

American jazz multi-instrumentalist, composer, bandleader, and civil rights activist.

Born: 22 April 1922 in Nogales, Arizona, USA.
Died: 5 January 1979 in Cuernavaca, Mexico (aged 56).

Mingus was a forerunner in double bass technique, he also pioneered in overdubbing and cutting-up/reassembling tapes of different takes in the studio to achieve the best possible version to put on record. He also authored an autobiographical novel called "Beneath The Underdog". He died of Lou Gehrig's disease. , All Music , Facebook , Imdb , , , , X , Who Sampled , Wikipedia ,
In Groups:Barron Mingus And His Rhythm, Billy Taylor Trio, Bob Mosely & All Stars, Charles "Barron" Mingus Presents His Symphonic Airs, Charles Mingus – Max Roach Duo, Charles Mingus And His Jazz Group, Charles Mingus And His Orchestra, Charles Mingus Jazz Workshop, Charles Mingus Octet, Charles Mingus Sextet, Charlie Mingus And His 22 Piece Bebop Band (Stan Kenton's Side Men), Charlie Parker And His Orchestra, Dizzy Gillespie Quintet, George Wallington Trio, Illinois Jacquet And His Orchestra, Jazz Artists Guild, Jimmy Knepper Quintet, Johnny Richards And His Orchestra, Lady Will Carr And Her Trio, Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra
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