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Musical collective from Munich (Germany), founded in 1969 by Christian Burchard and Edgar Hofmann. Considered as one of the most important German jazz-rock bands during the 1970s.
In 1981, Uve Müllrich and Michael Wehmeyer left Embryo to form "Embryo's Dissidenten" who soon became Dissidenten.
Embryo have continued for over 50 years with Christian Burchard always in charge and an ever changing international cast of musicians including talents from North Africa, India, China, etc., as well as occasionally featuring top jazz names like Mal Waldron and Charlie Mariano and luminaries of the Krautrock scene. In 2016, Marja Burchard took over the leading role. , Facebook , Bandcamp , , Wikipedia , All Music
Members:Alexander Alexandrov, Alfred Jones, Atzen Wehmeyer, Butze Fischer, Charlie Mariano, Chris Karrer, Christian Burchard, Chuck Henderson, Dave King, David Drudis, Dieter Miekautsch, Dieter Serfas, Dirk Engelhardt, Edgar Hofmann, Eugen de Ryck, Freddy Setz, Friedo Josch, Funky K. Götzner, Hansi Fischer, Hermann Breuer
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