Flemming Rasmussen

Real Name:Flemming Rasmussen

Danish producer and engineer, born 1 January 1958 in Copenhagen, with a career closely linked to Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen. As a trainee at Rosenberg Studio in 1975 he befriended Freddy Hansson. When Hansson opened Sweet Silence Studios in 1976 Rasmussen was hired as assistant engineer. He gradually rose in the grades to become producer and chief engineer and from 1999 he became the sole owner of Sweet Silence. Almost simultaneously, in January 2000, the studio relocated to Njalsgade, Amager. This 2nd incarnation of the studio closed in November 2008 and Rasmussen continued to work as a freelance engineer operating as "Fwrproduction" and as main engineer at Winding Road Studio. From April 2014 to December 2017 he ran the 3rd incarnation of Sweet Silence Studios in Helsingør, operating under the name Sweet Silence North. Since January 2018 Rasmussen runs the 4th incarnation of Sweet Silence Studios in the Sydhavnen area of Copenhagen. , , Wikipedia
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