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The Fiery Furnaces are a US indie rock band formed in 2000 in Brooklyn, New York by sibling duo Eleanor Friedberger and Matthew Friedberger. Experimental in nature, the band's style changed with every release, and lineup with every tour. The project went on hiatus in 2011, with Matthew Friedberger moving to France, and Eleanor Friedberger pursuing a solo career.

In February 2020, The Fiery Furnaces announced their reunion, with a single on Third Man Records and concert at Pitchfork Music Festival. However, the festival was cancelled due to Covid-19. In 2021, the PMF performance went ahead as planned, with the announcement of a fall tour and multiple self-releases online. , Instagram , Bandcamp , X , Facebook , , MySpace , Wikipedia
Members:Andy Knowles, David Muller, Eleanor Friedberger, Jason Loewenstein, Matthew Friedberger, Michael Goodman (2), Mikila Zaorski, Robert D'Amico, Ryan Sawyer, Toshi Yano
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