The Insiders (4)


Before evolving into The Main Ingredient were formed in Harlem, New York City in 196, they, originally, performed under the name The Poets (11)
At that time, the group comprised of Donald McPherson (lead singer), Luther Simmons, Jr., and Tony Silvester (from Panama).
Initially singing under the name 'Trio', the group signed to Leiber & Stoller's Red Bird label.
At Red Bird, the group recorded under their new name the Poets, released a Christmas single entitled 'Merry Christmas Baby' b/w 'I'm Stuck On You'.
The Poets then became known as The Insiders, who then were signed to the RCA Records imprint.
The Insiders released 'I'm Stuck On You' (again for Red Bird), before releasing two RCA 45's, 'If You Had A Heart' and 'Im Better Off Without You'.
By 1968, the group went through another identity change, and became known as the Main Ingredient (named after a Coca Cola advertising campaign).

Aliases:The Main Ingredient, The Poets (11)
Members:Donald McPherson (2), Luther Simmons, Tony Silvester




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