John N. Wright

Real Name:
John North Wright
John North Wright was a musician, writer, inventor, traveler, and VHS and BETA filmmaker born 1942 in Port Huron, Michigan.

Wright was a lifelong conspiracy theorist (Masonic and otherwise) with the belief that Bob Dylan had stole his wife, and that the CIA and FBI were monitoring him. These themes, and Port Huron in general, were the subjects of much of his music, writing, and films.
Wright was arrested in April 1981 for threatening the life of George Bush Sr, head of the FBI at the time.
He was imprisoned and stood trial, being acquitted in September of that year by reason of insanity.

After writing and self-publishing three books between the mid 1970s and early 1980s, Wright began writing and recording music in late 1982. In 1983 he was invited by Lon C. Diehl of Hunting Lodge to play a live event in Port Huron, a few songs from which ended up on the legendary Various - S/M Operations compilation cassette. This led to the recording of John Wright And The Young Losers - Welcome 1984, spearheaded by Diehl and released on his S/M Operations label.
Also sometime in the 80's, Wright began producing videos using borrowed community college or public access equipment.
In the late 90s, Wright took to making hundreds of websites to share his theories, writing, and music.

In February 2004, Wright passed away from complications related to leukemia, in a Hawaii hospital. John moved to Hawaii shortly after the release of his last album, White Widow.
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