Zane Smith

Real Name:Philip Larry Mincey

In 2013, as a college art student, Lithonia, Georgia rapper Zane Smith decided to be a musician. "Be the change you want to see" they always say; Zane Smith born Philip Larry Mincey set out to create meaningful music, spit from the heart. As an avid music lover from an early age, Zane set out to make a name and legacy for himself using the artform he has always loved.

His artist name combines his mother's maiden name, "Smith" with "Zane," the other name his parents considered. Zane, Hebrew for John, and Smith, common due to slavery, Zane Smith stands for John & Jane Doe, or the everyday person.

Under a common name, rapper Zane Smith speaks to listeners, sharing his story, learned lessons, and philosophies in music that could be described as mellowhype, raw, honest, and inspirational. , YouTube , , , , Instagram , ,
Aliases:Philly Freeze


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