DJ Gollum

Real Name:Lars Böge

In 1993, DJ Gollum, already enamored with techno music, met DJ Hunter at a small village club. After enjoying some delightful Southern Ginger cocktails, they decided to purchase two turntables and a mixer. They began playing at private parties, which is a typical start for many DJs. In 1994, DJ Gollum started getting booked for events. His first gig was at the "Secret" in Wedel, now known as Maxx Musichall. That same year, the "Master of Disaster," as he sometimes called himself, bought his first studio equipment. Soon after, he released his debut single, "Gollum + Gary D. - Black Arrows," on EDM Records. A few months later, he released "Plastic Enemy" with "Bulldozer."

Due to the success of his productions, DJ Gollum had the opportunity to perform overseas for the first time in 1996 at Nosebleed in Scotland. He subsequently received bookings in the UK, Switzerland, and Barcelona, Spain, where he played his pumping sound for an audience of 10,000 people.

Currently, DJ Gollum holds residencies at "Devil Mania / EFX" in Hamburg and "Raveolution" at Fantasy Music Hall in Tarp. , MySpace , Facebook , Instagram
Aliases:L.A.R.5, Lars Böge, Lars Palmas, Plasmate, The Golluminator
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