Mickie Most

Real Name:Michael Peter Hayes

Mickie Most (born June 20, 1938, Aldershot, Hampshire, England – died May 30, 2003, London, England) was a record producer, songwriter, arranger and singer. In 1969, he founded RAK Records. The label had a lot of success with many different artists during the 1970's and 1980's, and was eventually bought by EMI in the late 1980’s. Father of Calvin Hayes. After Michael Peter Hayes changed his name to Mickie Most in 1959, he traveled to South Africa with his wife Christina, started a singing career and formed the pop group, Mickie Most And His Playboys with founding members Mickie Most (guitar & vocalist), George Hill (drums), Colin Teasdale (lead guitar), Brian Thomas] ( bass guitar), Tony Crossland (drums) and Eddie Payne (drums). The band scored 11 consecutive No. 1 singles there, mostly with cover versions of Ray Peterson, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran songs. After spending 3 years in South Africa he returned to London in 1962.

Aliases:Michael Peter Hayes
In Groups:Mickie Most And His Playboys, Mickie Most And The Gear, The Most Brothers
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