Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills

Real Name:
Jeffery Eugene Mills
American techno DJ, composer, producer, and recording artist, based in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Born: 18 June 1963 in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Jeff Mills (aka "The Wizard") is one of the most pioneering American names in techno music. Championed for his music's relentless pursuit of hardness and his stripped-down, almost industrial DJ sets, Mills is the latest in a long line of Detroit-bred talent to take on an international reputation, performing for audiences around the world in both club and art spaces.

He also runs his own label, Axis, and its several sublabels.
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May 12, 2017
edited 8 months ago
I got to speak to Jeff in Birmingham (Atomic Jam), a really nice guy with lots of time for me badgering him about doing a b2b with Coxy....he had pretty much time for anyone who wanted to say hi and have a quick chat.....I was off my rocker so couldnt hold much of a conversation but can still remember how fluid his mixing was which sorry to say was a shock after expecting the trade mark car crash mixes I had heard from the live cassettes I had collected of him...he was always "in the mix" lol....4 decks....3 tunes spinning....2 tunes in themix and after putting one back and selecting another his first move was to tame the track he was mixing in as it was by then starting to wander off slightly hehe.
Love his music, personal taste has dictated an end to to fully understanding his change in musical direction, I get it cant stagnate as an artist and he left that fast detroit sound on top of his game.... I will always prefer his purpose maker/axis stuff, not just because you can dance to it but I really wished he would of made more of the funkier stuff he made like on Steam pit E.P. etc.....that no nonsense speedy and slightly jacking crunchy in sound quality percussive funk .....that to me is Mills in his prime ...just enjoying himself at its best, in full possesion of what is/was a very unique sound, a sound that has been left untouched since the mid to late nineties.
Jeff Mills has lifted percussion from tracks that have obviously inspired him and for this reason alone or even with artistic license has actually furthered a track in his own style but not without complimenting it as opposed to killing it ("bubbles" by Tikkle....Salsa House by Richie Rich ) its also become obvious to those who already learned to enjoy Jeff Mills' music productions that he himself used his influences to try and influence others further beyond by paying homage to a sound he would take the batton and run futher with.....DETROIT... but its a style that in my opinion hasnt been successfully accomplished since and is a solid block of music history. So what made Mills' productions so different to say the stuff being made over the pond at the same time?......JAzz.
The only thing logic and reason could suggest is that Mills records had followed the kind of programming that more reflected a jamming session, Jazz is the teacher remember? Where more raw inspiration could be captured and offered to the listener, as opposed to say clean crisp clinical on the bar stuff funky techno from other artists cashing in on an already established sound, that clean and transparent production in the same terms was as an end product to far removed from the flash of inspiration that provoked Jeff making what he did, and he did it with much fewer paints on the pallet in the first place. I can appreciate as an artist he could not allow himself become stale or rest on an aging sound forever.
Much of his new experimental stuff I cannot profess to completely understand fully, not one piece really in its entirety....I might get there, as its 2017 and I'm having to begrudgingly trawl through the quagmire of idiotic crap at present desperately trying to fill the void of so many good genres now abused for financial gain in more and more disrespectful ways. When I get over my freshly rekindled love of piano Italo houseyness I will give them more time :) erm..hang on a minute whats this nestled between the 49ers and Clubhouse....yessss.....

True Faith - Take me Away (Paragon/Network) written by.....

Cough cough

Jeff Mills :)


March 21, 2017
If you are more interested in Jeff Mills' "detroit techno" productions, let me express my vision of the thing.
His career can be seen in this way:
- In its beginnings, it released many pieces typical of the detroit techno as the emblematic "the bells".
- as his career progressed, he produced more and more atmospheric pieces. (Metropolis seems to be a turning point)
If you are looking for pure techno pieces, look at vinyl produced until 2001. (or the compilations given at the end)
After this period, you will have to search among hundreds of others. And the majority of those produced are rather minimal. Very few are as "hard" as they were at the beginning.
4 compilations are a good base to summarize this style of techno that made its success in EU rave:
- The other day
- Purpose maker compilations
- The art of connecting
- Lifelike


January 6, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
just found the ticket stub cleaning up, saw him play in montreal on new years eve in 1998, when he played prince's 1999 at midnight. not a huge fan, id rather listen to some rhythmic house like smack productions or some 70s disco grooves... his style of techno seems to be revered by people who lack a real education on dance music, but wish to be seen as the opposite.


February 8, 2016
hello for all..!!!
i have big problem....i missing this records 20 years now and i don t no again.....!!!!
for you tube mix ..
Jeff Mills @ The Fire Burning, Cherry Moon, Lokeren 01.04.1994
track start 49.45 and finish 51.
thanks too much !!!


August 22, 2015
Saw him at Lost at the Vox in 92 and saw him at Bloc 2015 and everywhere in between. Still the fucking don.


December 13, 2014
edited over 3 years ago
(After gig in Warsaw) JEFF MILLS was merciless and indestructible. Ruthless and unassuming entrance to the 5 hour epic of gamma radiation made ​​an impression on everyone. It was a historical event . His albums have become much sense , most of them are brilliant no to say genius. I realized that he is someone on a vision level of James Stinson exploring space instead of the ocean depths. He is not just another techno DJ, his style is unreachable, combining samurai focus with African samba. Inspiring .JEFF MILLS is a precursor to a new kind of aesthetics, based on the ESP (extrasensory perception), according to McLuhan associated with retribalisation , humanity back to its original state. It is also the hidden message of James Joyce novel Finnegan's Wake, and one of Jeff's albums is called Sleeper Wakes.
This clubnight was an epic visit into the twilight zone . You have just crossed over into ... THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Mills = living legend.


November 3, 2014
God decided to physically manifest and produce techno classics for eternity...we are all one after all.


April 9, 2014
often imitated, never equalled!

the man God sends a limo for when he's having a party ;-)


March 31, 2014
I have absolutely no idea where to start with a discography this big.. can anyone help me out with a starting point?


July 4, 2013
LEGENDARY. If you want to know about the evolution of electronic music, you have to know one of the kings of Techno. This is Music.

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