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RUDOLF ROCKER is a group formed by very tall brothers Mark and Steve Goodall. Other members include small-but-perfectly-formed keyboard player/effects man Jeremy Dyson (who is also a writer and film/TV director) and medium-height multi-instrumentalist Tim Crusher. Mark and Steve were in cult groups DUCHAMP’S TOPEE and THE IDEAL GIANTS with Greg Johnson from LORD MONGO (see They were also members of very noisy post-punk power trio NERVE RACK. Mark was once a guitar player in GOODBYE MR MACKENZIE (with Shirley Manson) but was sacked due to ‘ideological differences’ and the fact that he was taller than the lead singer. John Peel once noted that Steve’s group LEMON ICE CREAM were "frankly saddled with a frightful name”. Jeremy played in indie-goth legends FLOWERS FOR AGATHA who, like Charles Manson, have an obsessive fan-base in California (see RUDOLF ROCKER have released records on the Mook label including a 10” EP with a hand printed cover, a coloured vinyl 7” single, a CD EP, a track on a German compilation and two excellent full-length albums. They have performed live right the way across the North Riding. The idea behind RUDOLF ROCKER is to combine melodic lines, intricate chord structures, amusing sound effects and enigmatic poetic/political lyrics with violent outburst of noise and frequent dollops of absurd, silly humour. This heady mix, whilst tantalising for the discerning listener, seems to escape the dulled ears of corporate mainstream media outlets who can’t even spell the name properly. RUDOLF ROCKER have remained, however, defiantly silent about this silence. In one sense RUDOLF ROCKER’s work is a protest against the increasing uncritical blandness and formulaic quality of contemporary popular music, especially so-called ‘indie’ music, the ‘alternative’ aspects of which seem to have completely vanished. “All that is solid melts into air” Marx once observed, a philosophy RUDOLF ROCKER wish to strongly endorse and possibly write a song about. Web site:


Rudolf Rocker Discography Tracks


MKCD09 Rudolf Rocker - The Exotic Sounds Of Rudolf Rocker album art Rudolf Rocker The Exotic Sounds Of Rudolf Rocker(CD, Album) Mook Records (2) MKCD09 UK 1998 Sell This Version
MKCD 017 Rudolf Rocker - Rabbiting With Richard Dido album art Rudolf Rocker Rabbiting With Richard Dido(CD, Album) Mook Records (2) MKCD 017 UK 2005 Sell This Version
PR001 Rudolf Rocker - The Whitby Scar album art Rudolf Rocker The Whitby Scar(CD, Album) Postgate Records PR001 UK & Europe 2012 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

MK04 Rudolf Rocker - A Selection Of Cheeses album art Rudolf Rocker A Selection Of Cheeses(10", Ltd) Mook Records (2) MK04 UK 1996 Sell This Version
MK08 Rudolf Rocker - Rousseau album art Rudolf Rocker Rousseau(7", Ltd, Sin) Mook Records (2) MK08 UK 1997 Sell This Version
MKCDS12 Rudolf Rocker - The Cellar Tapes album art Rudolf Rocker The Cellar Tapes(CD, EP) Mook Records (2) MKCDS12 UK 2000 Sell This Version

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