Lux Interna


Lux Interna crafts aural altars to the inner light. Formed by Joshua Levi Ian and Kathryn Mary, the project has hosted a shifting constellation of talents over the years, each leaving their trace upon the musical landscape. Through tapestries of minor chords, voices, delicate drones
and violent sprawls of sound, Lux Interna has continued to hymn the hidden god with impassioned intensity, seeking fire in the tension between transcendence and immanence.

To date, Lux Interna has released five full length CDs and one 10” with the German cult label Eis & Licht, the Brooklyn-based darkwave label Projekt Records, and the exclusive northern California label, Pesanta Urfolk.

While drawing inspiration from Joshua's intensive studies of Abrahamic mysticism, Lux Interna's lyrics continue to be harvested from a deeply personal and idiosyncratic field of
symbols and visions.

Although their earlier material was often associated with the genre of neofolk, their new album, there is light in the body / there is blood in the sun, has evidenced a musical shift marked by a heavier, more ritualistic sound, incorporating electric instruments, loops, and percussion
and haunted by flourishes of ghostly banjo and droning fngerstyle guitar. Contributing to this sonic evolution are the talents of special guests Kris Force (Amber Asylum) and Jeff Linsenmaier (Wovenhand).

there is light in the body / there is blood in the sun presents a cycle of songs that weave sound as skin for spirit, exploring the chiasm between flesh, light, divinity, world, and word. , Bandcamp , Facebook
Members:Adam Torruella, Joshua Gentzke, Katherine Trimble, Kathryn Gentzke, Kris Force, S. A. Hallinan




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