The Amber Tapes

The Amber Tapes


The Amber Tapes, originally from Manchester, turn their obsession with vintage analog machines into dark melodic electronica. The result is a mixtape of gorgeous looping soundscapes, the kind you might find on a Lynch movie. Tracks are built organically, nothing planned, with live electronics intricately layered over processed field samples, tape loops, and stuttering beats from drum machines that have seen better days; each element added and taken away until something happens. Sometimes tracks start on a particular thread, ending at an entirely different destination; sometimes they splinter into nothing. Best listened to in a dark room with the headphones cranked up.

Discography: A split EP 'Falling Mass Static" was released in 2010 on German underground label Against it Records (AIR). Since then there have been 3 full album releases, 'Otsu' (2011), 'Mu' (2014) and 'Tík' (2016), as well as collaborations with various artists with free streaming downloads. , Soundcloud , YouTube


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