Virtual Embrace

Virtual Embrace

Real Name:
Mike Johnson
The time has come for Germany's best kept secret to emerge from of his chambers and commence the invasion, a massive club bombing! Coming this Summer 2004, Virtual Embrace emerges from the underground with the smashing debut album "Escape To Insane". Virtual Embrace is the devilish solo-assault of Mike Johnson (member of Sero.Overdose, Agonoize, Infekktion...). Renown for his sharp electronic production work, Mike profiles himself this time as the purveyor of a harsh uncompromised frontal assault Hellektro Industrial weapon, set on “attack” and aimed right at your senses. Upbeat power noise sequences, hyper distorted vox and earth-shattering electro beats. A fusion of Suicide Commando and
Combichrist: A sonic assault forged in Hell: your new Master has arrived... run and take shelter!
Virtual Embrace then called it quits in November 2006 citing illegal downloads as the main reason.


Virtual Embrace Discography Tracks


Virtual><Embrace* Escape To Insane (Album) Alfa Matrix Belgium 2004 Sell This Version
Virtual Embrace Hellektro (Album) Alfa Matrix Belgium 2005 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Virtual Embrace Roots Of Evil - Club EP - (EP) Alfa Matrix Belgium 2004 Sell This Version
Virtual><Embrace* Hollow And Pure (EP) Alfa Matrix Belgium 2005 Sell This Version