Real Name:Anthony Bartoccetti

Italian musician. Son of Antonio Bartoccetti and Doris Norton.

Rexanthony was born in Italy (1977) and about 1989, along with piano studying, he was attracted by synthesizers, sequencers, computer, experimental music. His first single "Gas Mask" was released in the 1991 followed by "An.Tho.Ny" (1992), released in Japan too.
In 1992 his techno-rave cult song "For you Marlene" and "Gener-Action" were released throughout Europe and Japan (Avex Trax) reaching the top charts. He worked in studio with Musik Reseach team, editing the rhythms of the songs for the Technoshock album series.
In the 1994 and 1995 he also realized the experimental techno albums "Cocorico' 2" and "Cocorico' 3". In 1995 he reached the top charts with "Capturing Matrix", followed by top charts "Polaris Dream" (1996). The "Polaris Dream" videoclip was broadcasted in heavy rotation by MTV Europe for several months.

Since ever interested in experimental music, Rexanthony produced innovative tracks in several genres: Techno, Hard Trance, Hardcore Techno, Jungle to Techno/Postrock. But his interest and fantasy are always in motion and since 2004 he was involved in other music genres and video projects as producer. , Facebook , Instagram , Wikipedia
Aliases:Anthony Bartoccetti, Icemark, Krymator, Rexanthony Team, Thonyx Rane
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