Basque Dub Foundation

Basque Dub Foundation

Real Name:
Iñaki Yarritu
BDF - Basque Dub Foundation started in the early 90s as studio project by Iñaki Yarritu ( aka Inyaki ), a London based reggae musician originally from the Basque Country (northern Spain). Iñaki moved into music production in the late 80's having been previously involved in Reggae since the late 70s as a radio DJ, journalist and promoter.
In their early days BDF toured (as a sound system) supporting Mad Professor in the first ever Dub sessions to take place in Spain.

In 1997 BDF released their debut album "Sustraidun Roots Dub" ( Massive Sounds - 1997) ("Sustraidun" is Basque for "Rootical") the first Dub album ever to come out of Spain. A landmark that started to give BDF an international reputation...
BDF's debut album is a collection of instrumental and dub workouts featuring a mix of original material, and some Roots classics covers, such as Abyssinians' "Satta Amassagana", Junior Byles' "Fade Away" and Augustus Pablo's "Cassava Piece". "Sustraidun Roots Dub" revives the spirit of the original Jamaican 70's dub, while incorporating the aesthetic of the 90's UK digital dub and a strong dose of traditional Spanish and Basque melodies.
The Album features UK dub stalwarts such as Mad Professor, Dub Judah, and Dougie Wardrop (Conscious Sounds).

After this release BDF, evolved into a live band specialising in Roots Reggae and Dub. BDF's live shows capture the unique feel of the golden era of the 60's,70's and 80's. BDF supported international tours by major artists such as The Wailers, Culture, Burning Spear and Lee Perry. Their live performances have been enthusiastically reviewed, drawing praise for being one of the few bands that plays original 70's dub with live (real) instruments.

In 2002 BDF released their second album "BDF meets Loud & Lone" (Brixton Records). A musical collaboration with Loud & Lone ( Roberto Sanchez & Borja Juanco ) "inna Showcase Style" (vocal plus dub). "BDF Meets Loud & Lone" recreated with amazing precision the genuine and atmospheric sounds of Roots Reggae's golden era. Using only live instruments and analogue recording, playing the music they love in the same style as the artists that have influenced them so much.

In the last 10 years BDF has been touring live in Europe and playing as a backing band for international Reggae artists such as Alton Ellis, The Heptones, Earl Sixteen, Anthony Johnson, U Brown, Kenny Knots, Aisha, Dub Judah, Tena Stelin, Jah Marnyah and Afrikan Simba.
BDF has been recording their own productions while also acting as a studio session band and producing foundation Jamaican artists such as
Alton Ellis, David Hinds (Steel Pulse ), Luciano, Mikal Rose, Sugar Minnot, Gregory Isaacs, Al Campbell, Admiral Tibbet, Little Roy, Ranking Joe, Johnny Osborne, Ernest Wilson, Wayne Smith, Hopeton James, Zareb, Dawn Penn, Chronicle, U Brown, Queen Omega, Lone Ranger, General Levy, Carlton Livingstone, Eddie Fitzroy, Pinchers and a new generation of French and Spanish artists: Original Uman, Roberto Sanchez, Rootsamala, Little Dani, Tiwony, etc....

BDF has recut classic riddims like "Fade Away”, “Real Rock”, “Promised land”, “ Far East” “ Slaving ”, “I Know Myself” and “Tonite”. Also some originals like “Ministerio Del Dub”.
All released by renown french label ( and Sound System) Heartical as 7" vinyl singles.
So far, more than 60 different titles.

In 2010 B D F released a third album ( 12" vinyl - EP ): "Roots Melodies". A return to BDF's original Instrumental and Dub origins.
An 8 tracks EP - Album in a showcase style ( 4 Instrumentals + 4 Dub versions) consisting of keyboard instrumentals in the classic 70s tradition of Jackie Mittoo / Augustus Pablo / Ansel Collins / Pablo Black / Winston Wright and many more Reggae instrumentalists featured on hundred of B sides.

Old-school , analogue productions using Hammond organ, Rhodes, piano, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, etc....featuring the keyboard and melodica skills (or maybe the lack of! ) and also the compositions and arrangements of BDF main honcho, Inyaki Yarritu, who also plays bass, drums, percussion...
Also, five more vinyl releases on 12": ''Faith'', ''Famine'' and ''Rasta Calling'' ( voiced by Nereus Joseph and Nattykaf )and ''Wisdom'' (by The Viceroys), ''Ward Off The Evil'' ( by Nereus Joseph ), ''Guide Us'' by Rootsamala ) and ''Fools of God'' (by Nattykaf ) on Kaf Island label.
"Lightning & Thunder" ( an original Augustus Pablo composition), "Forward To Jah" and ''Sufferation'' both with spanish duo Rootsamala on the One In The Spirit label.

-- -- -- -- -- -- D I S C O G R A P H Y -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

- - - - - - ALBUMS - - - - - -




HEARTICAL STORY vol 1 ( 2011 ) CD

HEARTICAL STORY vol 2 ( 2012 ) CD

- - - - - - 10" and 12" SINGLES - - - - - -

NATTYKAF - ''I Blame You'' / ''Dub'' / ''Eternal Lie'' / ''Dub''
(Kaf Island - 2009 ) 10" vinyl

NEREUS JOSEPH "Rasta Calling'' / ''Calling Dub''
NATTYKAF - ''Faith'' ( Dreadful Time) / ''Faith Dub'' / ''Dreadful Horns''
( Kaf Island - 2010 ) 12" vinyl

B D F - ''Lightning & thunder'' / ''Lightning Dub'' / ''Thunder Dub''
( One In The Spirit - 2010 ) 12" vinyl

BDF & ROOTSAMALA - ''Forward To Jah'' (Disco Mix)
B1. BDF & JAMTONE - ''Forward To Dub''
B2. BDF & JONAH DAN - ''A Kette To Jah''
B3. BDF & INYAKI - ''Melodica To Jah''
( One In The Spirit - 2011 ) 12" vinyl

BDF & ROOTSAMALA – ‘’ Sufferation ‘’ / ‘’ Tribulation Dub ‘’ / ‘’ Sufferation ( Digital cut)‘’ / Tribulation ( Digital cut)
(One In The Spirit - 2012 ) 12" vinyl

NATTYKAF - " Fools of God"
ROOTSAMALA - " Guide Us"
NEREUS JOSEPH - " Ward off the Evil "
BDF-‘’ Wisdom Dub’’
BDF-‘’ Fools Of Dub’’
BDF- ‘’Guide Us dub’’
BDF- ‘’Wardd Off dub’’
(Kaf Island - 2012 ) 12" vinyl

- - - - - - 7" singles - - - - - -

BDF - '' Breaking the rules / Dubbing the rules '' ( Shemesh - 2003 )

PROMISED LAND ( DUB FIRE ) riddim ( Heartical label– 2.004)

LUCIANO -"Time Will Tell" / BDF - "Melodica Fire"
AL CAMPBELL - "The Power" / BDF - "Melodica Fire"
CHRONICLE - "Diamond & Gold" / BDF - "Melodica Fire"
SUGAR MINOTT - "Prophecy" / ORIGINAL UMAN - "Danse Du Serpent"
PINCHERS -"Working For The King" / BDF -"Melodica Fire"
PROMISED LAND ( DUB FIRE ) riddim (Heartical – 2.007)
ADMIRAL TIBETT - "One Way" / ROOTSAMALA - "Where U Gonna Run"
JOHNNY OSBORNE - "War Season" / BDF & DUB STUDENT - " Dubbin with Fire "
MIKAL ROZE - "Overground" / BDF & DUB STUDENT - " Dubbin with Fire"
GENERAL LEVY - "Time Dread" / BDF & DUB STUDENT - " Dubbin with Fire"

REAL ROCK riddim ( Heartical label– 2.004 )

BUNNY LYE LYE -"Give Me A Dub" / LITTLE DANY -"Met Le Faya"
ANTHONY JOHNSON -"Gunshot Rock" / BDF -"Real Kette Rock"
CHRONICLE -"Rub-A-Dub"/ BDF -"Real Kette Rock"
REAL ROCK riddim ( Heartical label– 2.006 )
JOHNNIE OSBOURNE & WAYNE SMITH-"Conscious Anthem" /BDF "Melodica Rock"
JUNIOR CAT - "Love Jah & Live" / SKULLY ZOOT SIMMS"See Dem A Come"
ROBERT LEE- "Time" / ROBERT LEE- "Come Now"
CHUCK TURNER- "Culture Rule" / ORIGINAL UMAN- "Body Bags"

FADE AWAY riddim ( Heartical label– 2.005 )

MIKAL ROSE - "Never Surrender" / BDF - "Melodica Way"
TROUBLESOME – "Hungry Youths" / DIFANGA - "Jah Cours"
RANKING JOE - "Heartbeat" / BDF - "Fade Away Version"
HOPETON JAMES -"The Stalker" / UMAN & DIFANGA - "Plus 2 Love"
WAYNE SMITH - "Ask Jah" / BDF - "Melodica Way"
FADE AWAY riddim ( Heartical label– 2.008 )
GENERAL LEVY - "See A Man Face" / BDF & DUB TERROR- "Dub Nah Fade"
LUKIE D - "Rise" / ROOTSAMALA -"Never Walk Away"
QUEEN OMEGA - "Shining" / ROBERTO SANCHEZ - "Wise Enough"
CHRONICLE - "Serve Jah" / PAPA KOJAK - "Rise & Shine"

SLAVING riddim ( Heartical label – 2.005 )

LITTLE ROY - "Only Jah" / BDF - melodica
MYKAL ROZE - "Babylon Fight" / BDF - dub feat Dub Student
EDI FITZROY -"Throw Down"/ ROBERTO SANCHEZ -"Slaving For A Reason"
CARLTON LIVINGSTONE -"Demolition" / BDF – melodica
LONE RANGER - "Original Style" / BDF – melodica
U BROWN - "Rootsman Skank" /BDF – melodica
AL CAMPBELL- "Be Conscious" / ANTHONY JOHNSON - "No More War"

MINISTERIO DEL DUB riddim ( Heartical label– 2.008 )

ALTON ELLIS O.D "Peaceful Valley" / BDF & DUB TERROR "Ministerio Del Dub"
DAVID "STEEL PULSE" HINDS "Jah Vengeance" / BDF "Ministerio Del Dub - Melodica"
EARL 16 "Virtual Generation" / BDF & DUB TERROR "Ministerio del Dub - Melodica"
MYKAL ROZE "Wah Dat" / BDF "Ministerio del Dub - Melodica"
ZAREB a.k.a MR FLASH "Ghetto Youths" / PAPA KOJAK "Evil Forces"
LITTLE ROY "Remember Jah" / BDF "Ministerio Del Dub"
SUGAR MINOTT "Trodding" / BDF "Ministerio Del Dub"
CARL DAWKINS "Doggy Dog World"

TONITE riddim ( Heartical label– 2.009 )

DAVID “STEEL PULSE” HINDS “Positivity” / BDF “Midnight Organ” ....
MYKAL ROZE “Hypocrites Warning” / BDF & DUB TERROR “Dubbing Tonight”....
PATRICK ANDY “Got To Do” / ORIGINAL UMAN “Parcours Santé” ....
THE SILVERTONES “Poverty” / KOJAK “Freedom Fighters” ....
GLEN RICKS “Name of the Father" / JOSEPH COTTON “Perpetrators”....
ANTHONY JOHNSON “Tribulation” (Tribute to Dennis Brown) / ROOTSAMALA “Injustice
GENERAL LEVY “Life Hard” / BDF “Midnight Organ"

FAR EAST riddim ( Heartical label– 2.010 )

MYKAL ROZE "Down Pressor" / BDF "Far East Organ"
RANKING JOE "Rastaman Talk" / ROOTSAMALA "World Crisis"
CHRONICLE " Sweet sinsemilla" / JAH MIKEY & DADDY SHARK "Tune in - Go before us"
CARLTON LIVINGSTON "Once was a man" / NIGGER KOJAK "Nah fuss nor fight"

I KNOW MYSELF riddim ( Heartical label– 2.011 )

MYKAL ROZE "Universal Struggle” / ROOTSAMALA “ Decisions”
GENERAL LEVY “ Chant” / SLY & BDF “ Melodica Knowledge”
JOSEPH COTTON “ Gone clear” / ZAREB “ Rise Again”
DAWN PENN “ Yes Yes Yes” / TIWONY “ Justice”
ERNEST WILSON “ I Know Myself” / E. WILSON & KOJAK “ True Love”

SLAVING riddim ( Heartical label – 2.012 )

SYLFORD WALKER & PAPA KOJAK “Babylon Kingdom Fall” / NELLO B "So Jah Say”
ZAREB “Heart of Mankind” / ROOTSAMALA “Keep up the faith”
GENERAL LEVY “Rub A Dub Session” / BDF "South East London Skank”
Sylford Walker – Chant Down Babylon
Sylford Walker & Papa Kojak –Babylon Falling
Papa Kojak – Reality Song
Nello B – So Jah Say
Tampanaeh – Poor People’s Cry
Little Guerrier - I-Life
Uman - Prédateurs

Basque Dub Foundation Discography


MSR 001 Basque Dub Foundation Sustraidun Roots Dub(CD, Album) Massive Records MSR 001 Europe 1997 Sell This Version
Basque Dub Foundation BDF meets Loud&Lone Brixton Records Spain 2002 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

SHEM005 BDF*, Roberto Sanchez BDF*, Roberto Sanchez - Breaking the rules(7", Single) Shemesh SHEM005 UK 2003 Sell This Version
HS005 Al Campbell / Basque Dub Foundation Al Campbell / Basque Dub Foundation - The Power / Melodica Fire(7") Heartical HS005 France 2004 Sell This Version
HS022, HS018 U Brown, Basque Dub Foundation U Brown, Basque Dub Foundation - Rootsman Skank / Melodica Slave(7") Heartical HS022, HS018 France 2005 Sell This Version
HS018 Little Roy, Basque Dub Foundation Little Roy, Basque Dub Foundation - Only Jah / Melodica Slave(7") Heartical HS018 France 2005 Sell This Version
HS037-43 Sugar Minott / Basque Dub Foundation Sugar Minott / Basque Dub Foundation - Righteous Tradition / Ministerio Del Dub (Melodica Cut)(7") Heartical HS037-43 France 2008 Sell This Version
HS039, HS038-42 Earl 16* / BDF* & Dub Terror Earl 16* / BDF* & Dub Terror - Virtual Generation / Virtual Dubbing(7") Heartical, Heartical HS039, HS038-42 France 2008 Sell This Version
HS051, HS045/51 General Levy / Basque Dub Foundation General Levy / Basque Dub Foundation - Life Hard / Midnight Organ(7") Heartical, Heartical HS051, HS045/51 France 2009 Sell This Version
HS045, HS045/51 David Hinds "Steel Pulse"* / Basque Dub Foundation David Hinds "Steel Pulse"* / Basque Dub Foundation - Positivity / Midnight Organ(7") Heartical, Heartical HS045, HS045/51 France 2009 Sell This Version
HS046 Mykal Roze* / BDF* & Dub Terror Mykal Roze* / BDF* & Dub Terror - Hypocrites Warning / Dubbing Tonight(7") Heartical HS046 France 2009 Sell This Version
BDF* / Disciples* BDF* / Disciples* - Lightning & Thunder One In The Spirit Records UK 2010 Sell This Version
MSR002 Basque Dub Foundation Roots Melodies(12", EP) Massive Sounds Records MSR002 Spain 2010 Sell This Version
HS052 Mykal Roze* / BDF* Mykal Roze* / BDF* - Downpressor / Far East Organ(7") Heartical HS052 France 2010 Sell This Version
Rootsamala and BDF* Rootsamala and BDF* - Forward To Jah One In The Spirit Records UK 2011 Sell This Version
HS057 General Levy / BDF* & Sly Dunbar General Levy / BDF* & Sly Dunbar - Chant / Melodica Knowledge(7") Heartical HS057 France 2011 Sell This Version
Rootsamala & BDF* Rootsamala & BDF* - Sufferation One In The Spirit Records UK 2012 Sell This Version
HS064 General Levy / Basque Dub Foundation General Levy / Basque Dub Foundation - Rub A Dub Session(7") Heartical HS064 France 2012 Sell This Version
BDF* Juggernaut One In The Spirit Records UK 2013 Sell This Version
HS066 General Levy / Dub Terror & BDF* General Levy / Dub Terror & BDF* - Flick Flick / Freedom Rockers Dub(7", Pic) Heartical HS066 France 2013 Sell This Version
Rootsamala, Basque Dub Foundation Rootsamala, Basque Dub Foundation - Do Good One In The Spirit Records UK 2017 Sell This Version
HS021 Lone Ranger / Basque Dub Foundation Lone Ranger / Basque Dub Foundation - Original Style / Melodica Slave(7", Single) Heartical HS021 France Unknown Sell This Version
HS011 Anthony Johnson / Basque Dub Foundation Anthony Johnson / Basque Dub Foundation - Gunshot Rock / Real Kette Rock(7") Heartical HS011 France Unknown Sell This Version

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