Deep Six (4)

Dave Champion formed Deep Six with Ian Seabrook, Tim Mech and Steve Gelling. Deep Six recorded this lone single in 1985 on Nomad Records, with Rob Sanzo replacing Tim Mech on bass for the recording.

Dave Champion: vox
Steve Gelling: guitar
Tim Mech: bass
Rob Sanzo: bass (for recording)
Ian Seabrook: drums

Dave and Tim had been in "Civil Terror" together, followed by Snuff Maximus. Ian Seabrook had been with Porcelain Forehead and Steve Gelling was in many other bands, including the Restless Virgins, Elastic Collision and Human Interest. Tim went on to form The Bookmen with Dave Bookman, did some solo work and is now entertaining the masses with Tim Mech's Peep Show out of Toronto. Steve Gelling passed away in Toronto, December, 2010


Singles & EPs

WRC3-4204 Deep Six (4) - Complaints Dept. / Rockin' At The Rideau album art Deep Six (4) Complaints Dept. / Rockin' At The Rideau (Single) Nomad Records (2) WRC3-4204 Canada 1985 Sell This Version