Bizarre Inc


Bizarre Inc. was a UK Hardcore / Breakbeat and House band from Stafford, England that formed in 1989 as a duo of English DJs Dean Meredith and Mark Archer.
They started sending out demos to labels, and J. Saul Kane (Depth Charge) invited them down to sign for Vinyl Solution.
After Archer was forced out of the band, Dean started working with another engineer at Blue Chip Studios, Andy Meecham. They then hired Carl Turner who was a DJ at the Coliseum club in Stafford where Andy was the lighting guy. Although it was a mainstream club, Carl was playing a lot of interesting house imports from America, which is why he was asked to join.

Their MC was Chris Peat's brother, Ade, and Rob Bairstow danced for them.

They were managed by Anthony Johnson.

Sites:Facebook , Soundcloud
Members:Andrew Meecham, Angie Brown, Cameron Danté, Carl Turner, Dean Meredith, Mark Archer, Yvonne Yanney
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